Ceiling Speaker Set With BT Wifi

ITEM No:HSR182 series
Channels:2 (2.0)
Rated power: 20W/30W/40W
Frequency range: 100Hz to 20kHz
SPL (at 1W/m): 88 dB
Install depth dimensions: 202mmx202mm (73mm)
Install dimensions: 166mmx166mm
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Product Details

PRODUCT NAME:HSR182-BT series economy active Bluetooth Ceiling speakers Set With BT Wifi

- Prior to using the unit, please ask advice from a  specialist. When the unit is switched on for the first time,  some smell may occur. This is normal and will disappear  after a while.  

- The unit contains voltage carrying parts. Therefore do  NOT open the housing.  

- Do not place metal objects or pour liquids into the unit  This may cause electrical shock and malfunction. - Do not place the unit near heat sources such as  radiators, etc. Do not place the unit on a vibrating  surface. Do not cover the ventilation holes. 

- The unit is not suitable for continuous use. - Be careful with the mains lead and do not damage it. A  faulty or damaged mains lead can cause electrical shock  and malfunction.  

- When unplugging the unit from a mains outlet, always  pull the plug, never the lead. - Do not plug or unplug the unit with wet hands. 

- If the plug and/or the mains lead are damaged, they  need to be replaced by a qualified technician. - If the unit is damaged to such an extent that internal  parts are visible, do NOT plug the unit into a mains outlet  and DO NOT switch the unit on. Contact your dealer. Do  NOT connect the unit to a rheostat or dimmer.

  - To avoid fire and shock hazard, do not expose the unit to  rain and moisture. 

- All repairs should be carried out by a qualified technician  only. 

- Connect the unit to an earthed mains outlet (220- 240Vac/50Hz) protected by a 10-16A fuse. 

- During a thunderstorm or if the unit will not be used for a  longer period of time, unplug it from the mains. The rule  is: Unplug it from the mains when not in use.

How to operate normal Ceiling Speaker Set With BT Wifi mode:

* Connect active speaker and passive speaker by speaker cable. Please notice positive and negative.

* Connect power adapter to active.
* Use your phone/computer to search and pair bluetooth speaker. When pair sucessfully speaker will make a ring sound notice.
* Start your music apps and play music. Please control songs and volume on your phone computer.

  - If the unit has not been used for a longer period of time,  condensation may occur. Let the unit reach room  temperature before you switch it on. Never use the unit in  humid rooms or outdoors.

  - To prevent accidents in companies, you must follow the  applicable guide lines and follow the instructions.

Ceiling Speaker Set With BT Wifi

Ceiling Speaker Set With BT Wifi

  1. Drill a hole in the ceiling, big enough to fit the speaker

2. Connect the Active speaker with the 12VDC plug (See picture) 

3. Connect Active and Passive speaker with speaker cable (+ / -) (See picture)

Ceiling Speaker Set With BT Wifi

Ceiling Speaker Set With BT Wifi

4. Insert the speaker in the hole. 

5. Screw down each of the two screws (the locking tabs will swivel into the rear surface) 

6. Place the metal grill

Ceiling Speaker Set With BT Wifi

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