Wall Mounted Bluetooth Player

Small amplifier Wall mounted Bluetooth player for smart home audio system background music system, Multi Room Audio Smart wifi audio amplifier output power reach 30W@8 ohms low impedance outputs, It is suitable for office restaurant shop etc.
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Wifi Wall Player

Wifi Wall Player

Wifi Wall Player


Small Wifi Wall Player Bluetooth player for smart home audio system background music system, Multi Room Audio Smart Wifi Wall Player output power reach 30W@8 ohms low impedance outputs, It is suitable for office restaurant shop etc.


Has a 52x28mm screen

Has TF card playing

Touch button

IR remote controller

Bluetooth playing

Wifi DLNA playing

Audio input

Technical data HYC8615WF

Rated power: 30Wx2

Output impedance: 8 ohms

Operating Voltage: 110-220V AC

Frequency respone: 20Hz-20KHz

T.H.D.: 0.03%

Infrared remote control distance: <10m

Dimensions: 86x96x53mm

Wall mounted Bluetooth player

Wall mounted Bluetooth player

Notes: because the metal ceiling will block the wireless signal, the installation is not recommended on metal  ceiling. The top of the head needs at least a weight of more than 5KG, and the thickness of the opening edge is  not less than 12mm, otherwise The speaker will not be installed fastening. Cannot be installed directly on the unreinforced drywall ceiling. If the speaker is not on the same AP or router as the phone's WIFI connection, MUZO may not be able to  search

Wall mounted Bluetooth player

4. Power On The Speaker Connect the DC adapter to the speakers and connect to the 85V ~ 230V AC power, Then trun on power switch. The status indicator LED will be red and fast blinks, after about 10 seconds the speaker will sound a tone, it means the speaker is ready. 

5. Connect The Wall player to WIFI Network Open the MUZO Palyer APP on your smart phone, the APP will automatically search for speakers. And then you can follow the wizard step by step to complete the speaker settings.

Wall mounted Bluetooth player

Wall mounted Bluetooth player

Wall mounted Bluetooth player

You can set a name for your speaker to manage it later, and then click through to end the setting. Now  you can play the music by connecting the router or directly connected to the box Set speaker line password WIFI out the default setting is without password, you can give it set on MUZO  APP SSID name and password below, click on the corresponding speaker gear on the right side of the  graphics Settings button, and then click the device information, sliding upwards found in the image below  is the Hotspot of information item can into the encryption Settings If you forget the WIFI password, can I  take a long press on the remote control to reset WIFI information of the speaker Start playing music Now you can enjoy our WIFI HIFI quality of speakers, it is MP3 / WMA/WAV, AAC,  and 24 bit FLAC damage format with slide to the right you can see below sample can make LeYuan, one  of my music is stored on your machine in the local music note: because of apple I O S system, in the I P h  O n e or the device may be can't see the local music, you need through iTunes hand dynamic import to  MUZO player, or system used to own music player via the Airplay speaker push music playing Online music channel setting preset The speaker can be preset 10 online music channel, then it can be  out of the machine to play music on MUZO APP open first you need to set up the online content, and then  click on the following figure 1 set of arrow symbol, in figure 2, select any channel that completed the  preset channel set, after the completion of the Settings you can through the button on the remote control to switch channels No longer need to machine

How to connect Bluetooth Speaker 

The speaker has a 4.0 standard blue module, which allows you to play music through blue when you  make WIFI, and if connected to a smart TV, TV box, computer, etc Start with the blue on your phone , then via remote control change to Bluetooth  Mode when the green finger will blink , then long press to open the bluetooth Pairing mode . At this point the green finger will turn to flash ;, now you can search to bluetooth called smart_audio  equipment on board, click on and connect it, when the connection is successful, green light means bright,  now you can play music by bluetooth Here need to remind you when the mobile phone bluetooth and WIFI connection at the same time, and  switch to WIFI from the bluetooth mode to play play, and then switch back to the bluetooth mode, at this  time click the play software (not MUZO) speakers will not lose the music, the reason is that the switching  action caused phone unable to identify the state of the bluetooth, you need to restart a player software or  disconnect bluetooth to connect again

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