Skytone Audio 8CH UHF Wireless Conference Microphone System

Skytone Audio 8CH UHF Wireless Conference Microphone System

Model Number: UM-360 UM-801A UM-801B UM-801C
Style: Handheld Microphone
Use: Karaoke Microphone
Communication: Wireless
Function: Portable, wireless
Frequency Respone: 60Hz-16.5KHz
MIC Style: Handheld+Headset
Working Distance: 110M
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UHF WIRELESS MICROPHONE SYSTEM Professional TWO Channel UHF Wireless Microphone handheld microphone headset microphone Uhf Wireless Microphone System


UHF 60Hz-16.5KHz, PLL frequency technology, adjustable frequency,

adjustable transmit power, avoid interference frequency

Microcomputer CUP control, transmission is faster without delay.

2*50 channel free choice, LCD digital display, professional and high-grad

Noise lock squelch control, eliminate extemal noise, ensure sound fidelity

Excellent chip and high-quality components make the sound quality of the device

extremely excellent

The ideal distance is 110 meters

Optional: handheld, headset, lapel and meeting Microphone

Uhf Wireless Microphone System

handheld microphoneProfessional TWO Channel UHFUHF WIRELESS MICROPHONE SYSTEMheadset microphone


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