Police Megaphone with Outside Mircrophone (HH-20A)

Police Megaphone with Outside Mircrophone (HH-20A)

ITEM No.:HY3008
Out power: 45W(max)
Power of battery: size "D” batteries (10 pieces)
External power source: DC 12-13.8V
Dimension: 350mm X 505mm
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PRODUCT NAME:Police and pa use portable handy multifunction rechargeable 25W power megaphone louderspeaker with siren



Out power: 45W(max)

Power of battery: size "D” batteries (10 pieces)

External power source: DC 12-13.8V

Dimension: 350mm X 505mm

Insert batteries

1. Push the battery cover in the direction indicated thereon and open.

2. Take out the battery case and insert 10 of R20P or D batteries according to the polarity indication on battery case. Make sure the correct polarity.

3. Place the battery loaded battery case into the body of megaphone and fit the battery cover by pressing it .


Avoid mixed use of new and used batteries.

When not using the power megaphone louderspeaker for such a long period as more than two weeks , take out the batteries in order to protect the megaphone form corrosion to the caused by liquid leakage.

Check the battery level by three LED. Getting green bright to say electric consumption to be sufficient light, getting yellow on to say electric consumption is soon used up light, red shows electric consumption has been already insufficient.

power megaphone louderspeaker

 power megaphone louderspeakerpower megaphone louderspeaker


1、 Turn on USB switch .

2、 Turn on the "M” switch, the led is light.

power megaphone louderspeaker

power megaphone louderspeaker


3. Insert SD or connect USB , push UP or DOWN switch to select MP3 files, and the LED fair glimmers.

4. if push UP or DOWN switch continuously more than three second, it means volume up or down.


1. Insert the 10 of Size "D” batteries into the microphone socket and tighten it..

2. Press the power switch located at the left side of microphone and adjust the volume to appropriate level as to avoid the feedback by means of a volume control knob at the right of microphone.

3. Speak in a sufficiently loud voice with the tips as close to the microphone as



1. After the use, make sure to slide the power knob downwards to switch off power.

2. In using the MP3 , make sure volume control knob at the Max position.


1. Press the siren switch located at the main control panel, a siren sounds immediately.

2. Release the siren switch, and a siren stop.


1. Press the whistle switch located at the main control panel, a whistle sounds


2.  Release the whistle switch, and a whistle stop.

Technical Manual

The power megaphone louderspeaker is designed with crowd control, public safety, emergency rescue and military applications in mind. It uses the most durable ABS material and the strongest rare earth magnetic material with advanced electronics to produce the best sound effect under very harsh environment.

It can be heard 1.5 mile away with the Siren. At maximum volume, it can reach 1 mile or more when you speak to it.

It comes with a deafening siren which will get all the attention you need instantly. This is very effective to make public announcement or disperse a large crowd immediately.

It can be hand-held with a Pistol-Grip handle with trigger switch to turn On or Off. Also it comes with a shoulder strap and a coil cord microphone. You can adjust the sound volume with the Volume Control on the microphone.

It can be powered either by dry cells or by DC 12V cigarette lighter power cord.

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