Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Audio Speaker Portable Battery LED Party Speaker

Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Audio Speaker Portable Battery LED Party Speaker

FS-801LS FS-101LS
1 x Wireless 700MHz UHF microphone.
1 x 6.35mm Microphone; 1 x 3.5mm AUX input.
Has Mic volume ; 2-bands EQ & Master control.
Built-in USB SD MP3 player ; Bluetooth.
Digital LED display screen
Output power:25W(FS-801LS),35W(FS-101LS)
Frequency response:55Hz~22kHz @+/-2dB(8”)
Frequency response:45Hz~22kHz @+/-2dB(10”)
Built-in Rechargeable 12V@5AH SLA battery
90VAC~240VAC power input
Handle, wheels and retractable handle
Grille LED pulsate with music
disco ball LED
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In order to adapt to the development and requirements of the market, we intensified our research and launched new series of Wireless Ceiling Speaker, Bluetooth Party Trolley Speaker, Garden Speaker System in line with customer needs. We carry forward the company spirit of 'being realistic and innovative, more vitality in competition'. We continue to enhance our own advantages and strengthen our strength to promote the scale of business operations. We take responsibility serious, focus on the product itself, and always adhere to one brand and one standard to serve the market. In order to realize our vision, cultivate first-class business talents, and strive to explore the talents and potential of employees, better deliver business values, our company adheres to the following values, pursues excellence, keeps improving, and exceeds customer expectations.


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FS-801LS FS-101LS

Outdoor Party Speaker

Outdoor party speakerOutdoor speakerparty speaker

We have always insisted on selecting high-quality raw materials and advanced processing techniques to reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of the Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Audio Speaker Portable Battery LED Party Speaker. We create a 'multi-win' partnership cooperation system with meticulous professionalism and true and honest cooperation concepts, so as to help customers get the greatest value. We focus on our core business and build a world-class enterprise featuring innovative technology and global competitiveness.


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