Outdoor Trolley Audio Active Wireless Chargeable Bluetooth Party Speaker

Outdoor Trolley Audio Active Wireless Chargeable Bluetooth Party Speaker

FS-801LS FS-101LS
1 x Wireless 700MHz UHF microphone.
1 x 6.35mm Microphone; 1 x 3.5mm AUX input.
Has Mic volume ; 2-bands EQ & Master control.
Built-in USB SD MP3 player ; Bluetooth.
Digital LED display screen
Output power:25W(FS-801LS),35W(FS-101LS)
Frequency response:55Hz~22kHz @+/-2dB(8”)
Frequency response:45Hz~22kHz @+/-2dB(10”)
Built-in Rechargeable 12V@5AH SLA battery
90VAC~240VAC power input
Handle, wheels and retractable handle
Grille LED pulsate with music
disco ball LED
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Outdoor party speaker best selling products portable loud speaker active portable trolley speaker  

FS-801LS FS-101LS

Outdoor Party Speaker

Outdoor party speakerOutdoor speakerparty speaker

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