Lhy-550 Wireless Condenser UHF Meeting Microphone Conference System

Lhy-550 Wireless Condenser UHF Meeting Microphone Conference System

Model Number: UM-360 UM-801A UM-801B UM-801C
Style: Handheld Microphone
Use: Karaoke Microphone
Communication: Wireless
Function: Portable, wireless
Frequency Respone: 60Hz-16.5KHz
MIC Style: Handheld+Headset
Working Distance: 110M
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We continue to use advanced technology and technology at home and abroad, so that our Popular Ceiling Speaker, Speakers For Coffee Shop, Music Amplifier is constantly updated, scaled up in production, and high in quality. We build a product development center to comprehensively enhance production and sales, and make strategic preparations for building a famous brand in the future. We will formulate corresponding return visit methods according to the types of customers, mainly by telephone return visit. We hope to produce high-quality products independently, at the same time, to strengthen communication and cooperation with overseas companies with the aim of made in China and world cooperation.


UHF WIRELESS MICROPHONE SYSTEM Professional TWO Channel UHF Wireless Microphone handheld microphone headset microphone Uhf Wireless Microphone System


UHF 60Hz-16.5KHz, PLL frequency technology, adjustable frequency,

adjustable transmit power, avoid interference frequency

Microcomputer CUP control, transmission is faster without delay.

2*50 channel free choice, LCD digital display, professional and high-grad

Noise lock squelch control, eliminate extemal noise, ensure sound fidelity

Excellent chip and high-quality components make the sound quality of the device

extremely excellent

The ideal distance is 110 meters

Optional: handheld, headset, lapel and meeting Microphone

Uhf Wireless Microphone System

handheld microphoneProfessional TWO Channel UHFUHF WIRELESS MICROPHONE SYSTEMheadset microphone


We strengthen the internal management of the company and continually innovate the technology of our Lhy-550 Wireless Condenser UHF Meeting Microphone Conference System. Cooperation, standardized management and coordinated development are the development philosophy of our company. Our strong technical force and scientific management have laid a solid foundation for the healthy development of our company.


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