Why Is Technology Always Improving, But Many HiFi-related Products Are Getting More And More Expensive?

- Dec 25, 2020-

I don’t think it’s getting more expensive, but it’s polarization. The advancement of technology has allowed the high-end technology, materials and design to be released to mass products at low cost. This makes the pursuit of high-end products must seek higher breakthroughs in order to gain a foothold: better technology, better materials, and more Subtle design. And for any thing, the cost of achieving 90 points may be several times or even dozens of times that of achieving 80 points. The cost of pursuing further improvement above 90 points is exponentially increasing. On the other hand, technological progress has led to better and better quality products at low prices, meeting the needs of more and more people. This has caused many people who have pursued high-end to get rid of their fever, leading to a more niche existence for those who have pursued high-end. In addition, the audience for high-end products is inherently small, which makes it difficult to reduce the cost of exponential growth of high-end products through economies of scale. Therefore, although technology has been improving, the prices of contemporary high-end products will not drop, and will even get higher. Note that we have to add the "contemporary" restriction to the "high-end" here. Because the price of buying a three-unit ring iron hybrid earplugs is completely different from when the three-unit ring iron design was first released.