Why Do So Many People Believe That Hifi Cables Are Useless?

- Jan 11, 2021-

Useless use, put your brain away, superstition of science

1. Physically, it is really useless. Use a slightly more accurate oscilloscope, do a double-blind random (ABX) test, and work together. The logic is clear, and the result is hardcore.

2. Psychologically, it is absolutely useful. The brain is a very magical thing. It is processing sound, but it is not limited to sound touch, taste, smell, and vision. It is like writing into the firmware of a camera, automatically interpolating, ignoring, correcting, and distorting some signals. Motivation has both social and psychological reasons and physiological mechanisms. In short, it is subjective. In the long-term evolution, it is necessary to focus on the brain. For example, you just put on the myopia, playing badminton and tennis are always leaking the ball, but after a few days of adaptation, it will recover. This is that the brain amplifier has established new signal algorithms and circuits through parameter adjustments to adapt to the environment. For another example, amputees suffer from phantom pain, and they still feel pain in their hands even when their arms are gone. That is because the brain has not adjusted the original algorithm. Say he is true, he does not exist. To say he is false, there is no difference between the signal processing of the brain and the physical reality. Are you true or false? Going on, it is the philosophical realm of wind, flag, and heart, not showing.

3. For professional audio professionals, the purpose of training is to establish algorithms through long-term training to filter out the role of brain and understand the role of brain in ordinary consumers, qualitatively and quantitatively, and use it in product design or Malicious flicker to achieve various purposes.

4. Ordinary consumers are actually the logic of "belief in spirit". The time for human evolution is too long, and the age of science is too short, and no natural scientific thinking has been formed at all. If you truly believe, you will have a true experience, a true climax. If you don't believe it, your brain will be powered off, your experience will drop, and your orgasm will disappear. What's more terrible is that after you have explained it thoroughly, even if you put your mind to the loyalists, your pure heart will be mixed with sand, and then you will feel all kinds of discomforts and all kinds of things. Originally, he was taking a placebo, but he thought it was a pine medicine, and he really lifted it. Once you said it, he couldn't lift it anymore. Therefore, through dynasties and dynasties, the emperor’s new outfits were demolished, and various heretics were to be burned on the stake. The lethality is too great.

5. The growth process of enthusiasts is a process of ignorance-fanaticism-reflection-rationality-boring. When the enthusiast does not understand the most HIGH, but half does not understand, the dopamine produced by the brain bombards the brain like a nuclear bomb. Some people don’t upgrade their minds at this stage, and they will get into trouble. Various power cords, Qin bricks and Han tiles, widow shorts, millennium king eight shells... Some people have more knowledge and logic, so they will accept the science of audio psychology. The various principles of the cognition upgrade. But the reality is very cruel, the brain puts "seeing and destroying", it is impossible to start again, and the experience declines until it is flat. I once took a ride and talked with a record engineer, wondering why the stereo in the car is so bad, and then asked if there are any equipment in the shed at home? The other party looked indifferent and said: I'm tired, keep my mobile phone outside. Human traitors in The Matrix have clearly returned to the world. They still have to commit themselves to MATRIX to enjoy a non-existent steak. Some people are fighting with their heads in order to be self-sufficient, eating real-world pig food, and seeking benevolence and kindness!

6. So the "Rational Brain Empowerment School" and the "Perceptual Science School" have evolved. The former uses real money and masters to enlighten to continuously strengthen the brain power role, refine the brain power theory, shield heretical noise, and get a transcendent experience. Harmless, enjoy it. The latter preached everywhere to show the superiority of governance, and did everything possible to dismantle the platform and destroy the three views. You see, the consumers are not raised, the dealers can't make money, you spread the truth and show your personality. But you have highlighted the stupidity of others, so you have to go to the stake!

7. There is another kind of worst-dead fellow Daoist not dead poor Dao. Some wire vendors hypnotize themselves, and some only hypnotize users. This is amazing. As Fitzgerald said, "A person has two opposite concepts at the same time and can behave normally. This is a sign of first-class wisdom." Many people are proud of knowing this sentence. Remember, whoever says this sentence must be guarded! They are harvesters, parasites, people who buried you and asked you to count the money for him.