Why Are Good Speakers So Expensive?

- Feb 24, 2020-

The ultimate mission of a perfect speaker is to restore the real sound infinitely close. Then pass it to the human ear. There are many types of sounds, such as xylophone, drumming, flute, wind music, vocals, and what the speakers need to do is to imitate and reproduce all of these sounds and keep close to the original sound. Although the storage of various sounds and the synthesis of signal collection data are not completed by the speaker, in the end, the vibration of the unit diaphragm and the sound are emitted. The last step is performed by the speaker. Therefore, good speakers do have a significant impact on the sound reproduction.

• Real luxury speakers must have a brand premium in them, which is one reason why good speakers are expensive.

• Good speakers have a single product profiteering phenomenon, and some speakers are sold a few sets a year. Many crafts are handmade, and the sweat and sweat of the craftsmen are integrated into it. Instead of calculating the cost of materials, they calculate the cost of art and design. The price is natural Expensive, ranging from tens of thousands-hundreds of thousands.

• Some industries rely on "calculation" to complete the work, and some work mostly rely on "experience", while the design and manufacture of speakers are indispensable for calculation and experience, which indirectly enhances R & D and production Costs in the process.

• Among the good speakers, the components used in the unit are extremely precise and expensive, such as diamond diaphragms and patented materials. These costs are relatively high.

• A speaker is actually an electrical signal converted into acoustic vibration, also known as a transducer. Energy conversion is easy, and accurate energy conversion is difficult. So from the point of view of electronic signals, the standard of "listenable" is actually very low. It is easy to buy some decoding amplifiers and other accessories to assemble an audible digital signal speaker. It ’s not the same. It has no upper limit and is endless.

• When the speaker reaches a threshold, it is required to achieve its meticulous precision, which doubles the cost of calculation, design, materials, tuning, and quality control.

• There are different types of speakers. Monitor speakers emphasize accuracy, while HIFI speakers pursue high-fidelity, extreme, and beautiful. Although the price of monitor speakers is also expensive, there is at least an upper limit. There has been a great difference between the use value and value of HIFI speakers, and the cost is huge.

• A good mobile phone may be used for 2-3 years, but a good set of speakers will not be a problem for more than ten years, so it also reflects its value in terms of life.

• A good speaker should meet many requirements at the same time when it comes to the market-sound quality and tone, distribution and control of volume sense in high, middle and low song bands, sound field performance, transparency and analysis, image formation and physical sense, musical instruments and vocals It takes a considerable amount of money to complete the research and development, testing, tuning, transportation, etc. of all these work processes in terms of size ratio, liveliness, and overall balance.

• Some speakers that cost tens of thousands--hundreds of thousands of speakers may not be bought by me if I sell them for ten thousand. Because there are factors of market promotion and cognitive differences. Because the perception of sound is more subjective, the metaphysics was born in the field of speakers, which made some speaker fields surround a mysterious atmosphere and interfere with normal consumption. Those who do n’t understand the theory are tossing around, watching the crowd follow the trend, fever Dahao have their own prices. This is one reason why HIFI speakers are expensive.

• The low-end speakers listen loudly; the mid-range speakers listen carefully, and there is a flaw in the performance of high and low bass; the high-end speakers are nearly comprehensive, the treble is sweet, and the midrange is transparent, with a certain amount of sense; The top-level design, the bass is fast and accurate. The unit is oversized. It contains three or more speakers in one box. Each speaker has high-purity silver or copper, and it has a simple and artistic design.