Whoever Has A Large Sound Field In The Stereo And Headphones, I Believe Many People Have Misunderstood

- Mar 27, 2020-

In fact, many people understand that headphones and audio can't be compared. Although headphones are portable, some people compare them with audio because some big ears set up a complete HIFI system. Can listen to music. Take Beyer's T1 to build a complete desktop HIFI, and then take a stroller or Hivi desktop audio, even if it is more dynamic than the sound field, the latter can lose miserably. However, if a complete headset system is compared with a complete audio system, the latter experience is unmatched by the headset system.

Then someone will definitely say that the power of the audio is much greater than that of the headphones. Is it possible that the weaker sound is better than the headphones in terms of sound field and dynamics?

In fact, I would like to say that the sound field is misunderstood by many people. In his famous "Twenty Elements of Audio", Mr. Liu Hansheng especially emphasized that there are two English words about sound field (that is, sound field), one is Sound Field and the other is Sound Stang. The latter is the arrangement and positioning of musical instruments on the spot, and many people will confuse the two concepts. The sound power is large, and the decibel is also relatively large. Some people think that this is a loud sound field, so they still think that the sound field is much larger than the sound used by the auntie square dance.

But you have to understand the reason why the sound is so particular about placement, and even the indoor environment. There is a reason that although the sound is large, the control is more difficult. A loud standard to listen to PK headphones, it can definitely be won.

So in the sound field, the sound is just easier to get a sense of space, but the headphones are more likely to get the sound field positioning.

The so-called sense of space here can also give people some illusions. For example, some headphones have a large sense of low-frequency space. You feel that the drum sound is very backward, the guitar bass is also open, and the human voice is very close. Ear, so you will feel that the middle and low frequency sound field is large, and the sense of space is strong. But actually it is because its low frequency is too loose, the vocal position is forward (the main purpose is to highlight the vocal, the vocal grasps the ear, the first burn to buy the account), the space has a sense of space, but the tuning fails. Some will pay attention to the tuning of the bottom plate to make the amount of low frequency sufficient. It can make the sense of space more three-dimensional and the sound field more layered, but it is far less than the reproduction of this sense of space.

Although the headset is not as easy to get a sense of space as the stereo, it does not mean that it will not have a scientific sense of space. You can also understand it as a more complex realistic scene. In this regard, dynamic headphones can often do better. Why? Because the dynamic earphone is actually a small dynamic ear speaker, which is equivalent to a super mini speaker, its sound will be more natural, and it will be more musical than a moving iron earphone, so its sound field positioning and image It will also be easier to come, but subject to thrust, it is difficult to be as sensitive as moving iron headphones, so the latter analysis is often better; but no matter which one, as long as it is properly matched, the adjustment can be limited. Get better positioning in the sound field.

This can actually be done with sound, but the sound power is large. In addition to the unit design, it is also affected by the space environment and the front end, including wire, box structure, and various details of the material. However, it is not necessary to restore the scene. On the contrary, it is more prone to accidents on the scene.

Having said that, some people may ask what is the sound field of the popular Bluetooth speakers?

For this problem, in fact, you can first look at the Bluetooth speaker in your hand has several units, no doubt they are basically subwoofers. At the time of writing this article, I wanted to blacken out Dafa, and sell subwoofers to sell flowers, but fortunately, the official propaganda also said that the bass is heavy, so we will not continue to black.

You should know that the subwoofer is a component of the home theater itself, and its role is to restore a more realistic sense of presence. For example, Iron Man was smashed from the air to the ground. The whole body will bring a variety of sounds due to the impact. The sound that Little Downie heard in the helmet must have a dull impact. The sense of presence is to let you feel the sound in his ears. At this time, the light subwoofer is not good, and the direction and position of placement are Matching with the left and right speakers, its sound will be integrated into the whole sound, you can hear a more natural sound when you sit in front of the screen.

For more than 70 years, Jazz has begun a good start on the THE THREE launched last year. The front of the fuselage is centered with a 5.25-inch active woofer, and each side is a 2.25-inch full-range driver Note the full-range unit), two 5.25-inch passive woofer on both sides.

Two full-frequency units + one active bass unit directly in front of the fuselage itself constitute a 2.1-channel all-in-one unit with a clear phase. The listener in a suitable position is in line with scientific acoustic principles whether it is listening to songs or watching movies. Then it adds a passive passive bass unit on both sides of the fuselage to achieve two-way amplification, which not only improves the resolution, but also does not interfere with the original 2.1 channel in "position". It has the same obvious low frequency effect, but it Not the same, dare to mark the price to 3990

What's the main difference from everyone's common Bluetooth speakers? In fact, it is the natural sense of the sound field.

As mentioned earlier, sound is easier to obtain a sense of space than headphones, but it does not mean that the sound cannot obtain the sound field positioning. The sound is actually more about the integrity of the system than the headphones, which is good. The headphones are as good as you like. Although the Bluetooth speaker is mainly portable, it is enough to meet the needs of users to hear a loud sound, but it does not mean that you will design a woofer with a crooked user.