What's The Difference Between Cheap Ceiling Speakers Vs Better Ceiling Speakers?

- Dec 31, 2019-

Many people think that the sound of ceiling speakers is just as bad and the appearance is not so long? Wrong, it just depends on how much you want to spend.

Anyway, a circular net cover on the ceiling looks the same !!!

We divide into the following items to discuss

Monolithic design

2. Material

3. Speaker design and fixing method

Monophonic full range monolithic design

Reduced cost monophonic speakers, resulting in harsh sounds with no treble or severe distortion, two-channel + treble angle adjustable treble steering design


Cantilevered design, short speaker stroke, high volume, large displacement will cause the diaphragm to hit the bottom and directly break the sound. The speaker stroke will be long, can withstand large thrust and not easy to reach the bottom. Also higher

Speaker design and fixing method

High-end ceiling speakers usually have speakers. It is only good if there is speaker resonance and bass extension, and the sound cohesion will be better. It can also ensure that each speaker sounds similar. Please note that speakerless speakers will have different sounds according to different ceiling depths and materials (because the ceiling is its speaker). Take the commercial ceiling speakers in Tannoy, UK as an example.

Behind is the entire metal speaker. In fact, the entire speaker is very heavy, and it prevents the contact from oxidizing due to moisture. The contact is sealed.

The speaker and crossover materials are heavy because of the speaker. In order to meet the safety, there must be a safe installation method.

So, don't say that the ceiling speakers are rotten. In fact, it's just a penny and a dollar.