What Kind Of Sound Wall Speaker Is Good?

- May 25, 2020-

What is an echo wall sound?

Echo wall sound, SoundBar, a bar sound device, also called bar sound. It integrates multi-channel speakers and amplifiers into a long box.

The main use of the echo wall is to provide sound for home flat-screen TVs. Because the flat-screen TVs are currently very thin, the built-in speakers are not satisfactory. In this case, choosing the echo wall is a convenient and simple home theater system.


What is its principle?

The Echo Wall Audio was first released by Yamaha Corporation. Its cabinet contains most of the components of a theater audio system, AV decoding, processing circuit and power amplifier, multi-channel sound unit, supporting external subwoofer.

There are currently two types of technical principles for reproducing the presence of echo wall sound.

A type of virtual surround mode. It uses the characteristics of human ears to distinguish the sounds of the front, back, left and right, and uses the virtual sound means realized by data processing to simulate the sound emitted by the rear side of the front left and right speakers.

The other type is true reflection. By controlling multiple speakers, the strongest point of the sound wave is superimposed to generate a sound beam, and the sound emitted from the wall is simulated by the wall reflection, and 5.1, 7.1 or even panoramic sound surround effect can be achieved.

In a nutshell, the first way is to use people's psychological and physiological acoustics to make a virtual sense of encirclement; the second way is to truly form a sense of envelopment through the reflection of sound rays.

Advantages of ranking with ordinary speakers

Separated from ordinary computer speakers and bookshelf speakers, the main added function of the echo wall is immersive presence and surround. Although it cannot be completely separated from 5.1 and 7.1 channels, it is also acceptable.

Disadvantages with typical 5.1 home theater audio reviews

The sound wall is also a small single device, but it can't stand the five speakers of the 5.1-channel home theater. What's more, the top acoustic wall is still different from the traditional multi-channel home theater in terms of effect. This difference is in the authenticity of sound, sense of strength, and reachability.

Due to the large number of speakers in a typical surround sound playback system, the sound field effect is more in place, exciting and exciting than the echo wall. The advantage of the echo wall is that it is convenient, convenient and at the same time achieves both.

What brand is better?

Before recommending a brand, make a little hint. There are a large number of fake echo wall speakers on the market. If you buy a few hundred yuan, the fake echo wall is no different from buying a bar-shaped Bluetooth speaker. When buying back the sound wall:

1 depends on the number of speakers (the echo wall requires many speakers to form surround sound, at least a group of channels);

2 It depends on whether it has the Dolby Dolby and Atmos DTS logos;

3 It depends on whether it is equipped with HDMI (Dolby, panorama needs to be transmitted via HDMI)

Finally recommend the products of these four brands.

The originator of the Yamaha Echo Wall, the other three brands also have products that have both quality, beauty and cost-effectiveness. You can go to the official website for specific models.