What Is The Most Important Thing When Choosing A Power Amplifier For Home Theater?

- Jun 17, 2020-

About a power amplifier, the most important is the decoding ability and thrust

Home theater amplifiers are devices that provide driving force and multi-channel information for multi-channel speaker systems, so for a single amplifier, there are two important points

1. How rich and complete the sound information he provided to the speaker

2. Whether he can provide enough current to make the speaker make a clear and powerful sound.

The first point above is about the power amplifier's decoding (decoding Dolby Atmos and DTS X) accuracy issues and the difference in decoding capabilities.

Accuracy is related to the amount of sound information. In simple terms, the newer the power amplifier decoding accuracy, the greater the amount of information.

Simply put, even if it is the same brand and the same level of power amplifier, the new model will have higher accuracy than the old model. With the same source, the sound will have more information.

For example, the same Marantz SR6000 series products, last year's SR6014 will have better decoding than the previous year's SR6013.

In order to make the power parameters of the power amplifier look higher, the manufacturer provides you with the output parameters of the mono amplifier. However, this does not make any sense. Because, what we need is the power output index that all channels sound together.

So, here is the easiest way to teach you to identify which of the two AV amplifiers has more thrust-just look at the media guide price, which one is more expensive, and the more expensive thrust must be better.

This method is suitable for the selection of home theater amplifier products of Japanese Tianlong, Marantz, Yamaha, Onkyo, and Pioneer. The reason is also very simple, because they are a long-term competitive relationship, the product of the same price, the thrust must be similar, you can also understand that this is the unspoken rule before the manufacturer.

But note that if you are buying a European or American machine, such as a home theater amplifier such as Harman or NAD, the price does not apply to the thrust. Because European and American machines at the same price as Japanese are often not as capable of decoding as Japanese ones, but the thrust of the amplifier is much greater than that of Japanese ones!

The reason is very simple, the Japanese are better at the electronic part, which requires a lot of R&D investment. The European and American power amplifier manufacturers are better at making amplifier amplifier circuits, because they are better at doing the part of the audio itself.

HDMI version support

Because the AV amplifier will become the home theater audio and video exchange center, all players will be connected to the amplifier through HDMI, and then the HDMI output of the amplifier is connected to the projector or TV.

Therefore, the HDMI version of the AV amplifier is very important. For example, if your AV amplifier HDMI does not support HDCP2.2, then even if you use a UHD 4K player and the projector is a 4K projector, you cannot see the full effect of UHD movies.

If you want to collect an old power amplifier that does not support 4K HDMI, the projector will not work under 4K resolution.

Supportability of wireless music

This includes Bluetooth playback, Airplay playback, DLNA playback and other functions that can quickly bring music from a mobile phone or home NAS server, and quickly use the mobile phone to order on the power amplifier.

The power amplifiers produced in the last two or three years are all supported, but the products a few years ago are not necessarily the same.

It may not be important for burn-in, but it is a very important function for friends who buy the stereo not as toys, but as daily household appliances.

Write at the end

Since the home theater power amplifier has become the audio-visual data exchange center at home, he has more and more functions.

But the most important points, the cinema has been listed for everyone.

What is more important is the question of who will be more important in the decoding ability and thrust in the first point.

This is also easy to judge:

When your speakers are more difficult to drive (large floor speakers, speakers with lower sensitivity), then thrust is more important than decoding.

When your speakers are well driven (a theater system composed of small satellites and small bookshelf speakers), decoding is more important than thrust.