What Is A Good Speaker And What Is A Good Power Amplifier?

- Apr 17, 2020-

1. What is a good speaker

From a scientific and objective point of view, a good speaker is a speaker with wide frequency response, high sensitivity, high power, balanced curve, and accurate phase. The speaker is matched with the power amplifier, and the front stage still maintains "the phase is consistent, the frequency response curve is balanced and natural", and the subjective sense of listening is bright, clear, soft and true and natural when the music is replayed is the good sound (system).

The frequency response of the speaker is strong, the expressiveness is high, the sensitivity is easy to push, the power is relatively stable and safe, the curve is balanced, the phase connection is reasonable and appropriate, and it will not be distorted due to internal energy consumption, so it can be reproduced truly and naturally. Various sounds, and the sound has a strong sense of hierarchy, good separation, bright, clear and soft. In addition to being easy to sound, the loudspeaker with high sensitivity and high power is more important. Its maximum sound pressure level in the stable and safe state range can "strike the crowd", and you can get what you need without too much power. Sound pressure level.

In terms of subjective evaluation, due to different personalities, cultural practices, artistic cognition, preferences and standards, people have different opinions and describe them in different ways.

Our comprehensive subjective assessment is: good speakers can be "loudly shocked, but bright and clear without harshness, mellow sense of hearing, real nature, good flexibility".

As a private room speaker, the requirements of "good singing, singing resistance, durability (can Hi) and strong surrounding" must also be added.

2. what is a good power amplifier

The criteria for a good power amplifier are reasonable efficiency, appropriate damping coefficient, wide frequency response, strong voltage transformation capability, normal output waveform balance, high signal-to-noise ratio, low distortion, and strong analysis (analysis) power. When this kind of power amplifier is matched with a balanced high-quality speaker, the sound it shows is clean, clear, with good separation and a clear sense of hearing.

Of course, the power amplifier will produce a very high temperature like the voice coil of the speaker during work. Therefore, it must have reasonable circuits, high-quality components and good heat dissipation devices.

Those who have the above conditions and can produce soft, clear, "transparent" sound quality with the speakers, and can work stably, are good quality amplifiers.

3. What is a good preamp

The most important indicators of a good preamp are that the reverb chip, op amp, and circuit are all good, the function is appropriate, reasonable, sufficient, adjustable, and the sound is natural and natural.

4. What is a good microphone

With the speaker, power amplifier, and pre-stage, the sound is true and natural (all the sound should be) is a good microphone. If it is wireless, it is better not to run frequently, constantly frequency, anti-drop shock-proof and durable U-segment wireless microphone.

The sound that can meet the above subjective and objective conditions is a good sound, do n’t be superstitious about what is “American”, “Japanese”, or “British”-whether the sound is good or not, in fact the comparison is very simple: listen to your familiar tracks Sing a few words from the microphone and switch back and forth to know.

Of course, if you have professional knowledge and test equipment, in addition to subjective comparison of listening and singing effects, objective and scientific test comparison is also one of the good methods. At any time, people's subjective consciousness will inevitably lead to misleading themselves, but objective scientific data will not "deceive people".