What Exactly Is Hifi Playing?

- Feb 19, 2021-

1. From the perspective of equipment, signal source + power amplifier + speaker + wire expansion, signal source (CD, turntable + decoder, vinyl, opener, tape, digital broadcast, etc.), power amplifier (combiner, front stage + rear stage, Front stage + rear stage + power supply independent), speakers (bookcase box, floor box, low frequency independent, electronic crossover), wires (signal cable, speaker cable, power cord, etc.)

2. From the sound composition, treble, midrange and bass are perfect pursuit.

3. From the knot image, lifelike, front and back, left and right, huge sound field

4. From the software, there are so many things.

In a narrow sense, or in the original meaning, it means to restore music files/sites as much as possible.

In fact, a large number of double-blind listening experiments have confirmed that this kind of voice generally feels good.

More specifically, only speaker systems can do this well, and multi-channel speaker systems are best.

In a broad sense, anything related to audio can be played. For example, decks, tube amplifiers, vinyl, openers, full frequency, Western Electric and so on. Some people, such as the me who used to be, feel good to just look there without listening. But these sentimental things are meaningless if you insist on "good sound quality".