What Exactly Do Audiophiles Enjoy?

- Jan 18, 2021-

No matter what you enjoy, in my opinion, a considerable part of "audiophiles" are not enjoying music. What HiFi audiophiles do can be roughly described as buying a dozen Kindle e-books and then reading a few books in total, which may still be pirated. It is more often to compare the difference between reading books between different kindles, rather than what the book itself is writing. What's more, there will be arguing everywhere. The kindle changes the battery, the charger, and the leather case. The difference is different when you read the book. The content written in the book is different, and the soul expressed in the book is different. Do you think such people read books? Do you think such "enthusiasts" care about music? Do you enjoy music? I don’t think so anyway. Especially when you know some music producers, film and television practitioners, instrument players, or have a good understanding of subjective listening and acoustic principles. Some things are quite funny.

In my opinion, this is essentially an equipment party, and what I enjoy is the pleasure brought by the equipment itself. The specific voice is not important, anyway, many times you can't tell the good or bad, although some people always call themselves golden ears. The specific music may not be important, although there are always some people who claim to love music in pursuit of music.

Is there a bunch of long guns and short cannons that can take pictures? Can you write a good hand with a bunch of pens? Is there a bunch of high-end microphones that can sing? A person tossing a microphone every day, not practicing vocal music much, saying that if he buys a better microphone, he can listen to singing skills and win a Grammy to the top of the international superstar, do you believe it? I toss a bunch of customized keycaps on mechanical keyboards every day, but say that this is for gaming and for writing better articles, do you believe it?

Of course, there is nothing wrong with hobby equipment itself. As long as you have money and the law allows you to buy anything, you can’t control what you want to buy. Some things I play are also equipment parties. But at least I think these people always use music and art as a shield. As another example, are movie lovers and home theater lovers a group of people?

So those people who insist on tuning by wire every day, one ear difference, one ear lifting, tossing a bunch of amps, bundled like a dynamite bag, open mouth and closed mouth, thrust density, quality analysis force, sound field, what are they enjoying?

I don't understand, I don't know.