What Are The Characteristics Of Passive Speakers? Passive Speakers And Active Speakers Are Better

- Apr 23, 2020-

1. Features of passive speakers

Passive speaker theory is professional, that is, its power amplifier is external, you can freely match the power amplifier you want according to needs or preferences, so you can experience its freedom, so the rated power is generally larger, which makes the Consumers have more room to choose, and what type of power amplifier they choose is more casual. And its sound quality will not be interfered by the signal source, and the sound quality is more realistically restored. There are many types of passive speakers, and there are some skills in their selection.

Passive speakers actually have no requirements for the material of the cabinet. Some consumers think that the wooden sound is better and the sound quality is good. In fact, as long as the music is transmitted through the speaker, it has nothing to do with the cabinet of the speaker, as long as it is firm. The texture of the wooden speaker will be better after the processor. When choosing the classification of passive speakers, passive radiation speakers can be considered, because their better low-frequency effects make the efficiency of sound quality higher. When matching the power amplifier to the speaker, the rated power of the speaker and the rated power of the amplifier should be determined according to the sensitivity of the speaker and the characteristics of the business. Generally, the rated power requirements are relatively large. Select the power amplifier to choose the tube power amplifier and the stereo power amplifier. The specific choice requires the accumulation of experience, feeling which one you like.

2. which is better, active speakers and passive speakers

Active speaker: Built-in power amplifier circuit, it can work when connected to power supply and signal input. It means that there is a group of circuits inside the speaker, which has the function of power amplification. For example, most of the speakers used in the computer are active speakers, that is, they can be used directly by connecting them to the sound card of the computer. There is no need to pass a special power amplifier. The disadvantage of course is that the circuit inside may cause some resonance, electromagnetic interference and the like.

Passive speaker: There is no power amplifier circuit inside, and it needs an external power amplifier to work. It can also be regarded as a "wooden box + speaker", which has the advantage that the sound can reach the best state without interference. Because VCD, DVD, and computer sound cards do not have a power amplifier, and only output sound analog signals, a dedicated power amplifier needs to be connected.

Differences between market positioning and consumer groups: Active speakers are now mostly used in the field of computer multimedia, and some occasions with special needs (such as electronic piano speakers). The output power of such speakers is generally small, and the volume cannot be turned very high, and It is not too particular about the circuit of the power amplifier, it is a simple audio system; passive speakers belong to the formal audio, with high power and good sound quality, but the product is large and bulky.