Traditional HIFI Genre

- Mar 30, 2020-

British Voice

The British sounds inherited from the legendary BBC 3 / 5A are represented by SPENDOR and early after the rain speakers, and the amplifier is Naim. The mid-range is thick and warm, and the "music flavor" is strong. It still attracts many HIFI players. In the 90s of last century, I used Audiolab 8000A with various British bookshelf boxes. Many customers entered the door of classical music. Many people became good friends. Of course, from the current point of view, traditional British sound equipment is too heavy to dye, it is not recommended for friends who are new to the speaker system. Lao Burn set up a second system to listen to classical sketches.

New British Voice

Represented by Baohua, KEF, and Mei'an, the chord mojo in the portable system can also be classified as a new British style. Modern high-speed audio technology coupled with British designer's tuning is fresher and more modern than traditional British sounds, but I personally think that the new British coloring is still slightly heavier and may not be a good choice for entry.

Amplifier + Horn Speaker

The amplifier is a typical device with unsightly parameters but charming sound. The horn speaker was originally designed to concentrate sound radiation energy in a large space. In the home environment, the high-frequency density is extremely high and the low-frequency is relatively loose. Old burnt sought after. The amp + horn is like Chinese decoration with mahogany furniture.

Nordic sound

In northern Germany, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, there are a lot of speaker unit manufacturers, which is really amazing. Dani and Dana are representative. In fact, there are a lot of small stereo brands in Northern Europe. The sound is generally more modern, with a strong sense of line and sound field. From the earphone system to the speaker system, regardless of active speakers, I personally recommend Nordic-style equipment.

Monitoring brand HIFI

ATC, PMC, JBL, West Lake, DCS, Chords, Bristol ... A lot of HIFI brands actually started with recording studio monitoring equipment, and they will gradually launch some equipment suitable for home HIFI use. Unlike the initial imagination, the personality of these monitoring devices is actually very strong, especially after HIFI, so it is best to carefully listen to the experience before you start. I personally like these, if I can collect them like Yangjiang Eighteen Children ...


Switzerland and the United States have a lot of HI-END high-priced equipment, which represents the highest level in the audio industry, and players who can afford it will probably not read this column.

There are many HIFI powers in Europe, led by France, Italy, and Germany. They can be generally classified as continental sounds, but in fact they have different styles and the individuality of the equipment is obvious.

The level of HIFI equipment in Japan is not low, but considering various factors such as second-hand value, the cost performance is not very high, and it can only be considered for certain single products. I think the same is true for domestic audio.