Too Much Coloration Will Interfere With The Overall Understanding Of Music

- Mar 17, 2020-

Some amps or stone machines with heavy sound staining may become nice due to sound staining, but this will cause people's attention to shift to that point, causing the brain to actively receive sound stains in certain frequency bands of the sound. More, or if there are too many sound effects in the amplifier, it will also cause some interference to the absorption of the notes, because the music is overall, and it is not divided to listen locally. Therefore, sound coloring will interfere with the overall performance and appreciation of music, and delay the understanding of the profound connotation of music.

However, the enthusiasts just like to talk about the most, but they have certain characteristics of the sound, or the sound effects of the sound. They often do not like the machine with no characteristics, because many enthusiasts have a fever and listen to sound effects and sound dyes. In fact, many amplifiers In order to please audiophiles, the sounds have some characteristics. I don't really want to please music enthusiasts. I think it is more for commercial purposes. Therefore, I think the standard of a good or bad power amplifier is that after the voice is heard, only the mind can enter. The music, and the emotional fluctuations that music brings to yourself, will not let you notice the high and low tones, and there is no shaking sound effect. This is really a good sound. A good amplifier can let the notes catch your nerves in a short time, instead of letting the characteristics of the equipment catch you, such as the gorgeousness of the sound, the beautiful treble, the huge low frequency in the sound, etc. If there are these characteristics Then, in my eyes, this equipment is not a first-class equipment, it is a flawed equipment. The deeper you play, the more you know at the end. The more balanced the neutral and the less characteristic the equipment, the better.