To Know The Parameters Of Some Speakers

- Sep 21, 2020-

There are many speaker parameters, I have summarized some parameters that are simple to understand but actually affect the speaker experience


The volume actually has two meanings. One is the volume of the speaker body. The larger the volume, the more difficult it is to move and the higher the requirements for the space position. For general space (10m2 is already up), select "4-5 inch speaker". Consider "4-inch speakers" and "Bluetooth speakers"

The second meaning is the size of the unit. The larger the size of the speaker unit is, the sound field performance will be improved a lot. Generally, we can use the collectively referred to as "4-inch"-"5-inch" speakers.


Simply understand, the greater the power, the greater the sound. If you have requirements for the size of the sound, you can pay attention to this indicator to select. Generally, the power on the market is 30-60w, and the power around 60 is already considered large.


The battery life is mentioned here because the batteries of some "Bluetooth speakers" are really not durable. If you choose this kind of portable speakers, you should pay attention to this.


Generally speaking, we will entangled whether to use "2.0 channel" or "2.1 channel"

If you pay attention to 3a games and video and audio, I would recommend "2.1 channel". The overall low frequency band gives you a good sense of shock, and the price is higher.

If you are more omnivorous and have the most demand for listening to songs, then it is recommended to buy a good "2.0 channel" speaker, which is more balanced and more durable.

Active passive

Generally, I recommend active speakers below. Passive speakers will be notified and matched accordingly. Please feel free to read and view