Three Hifi-level Power Amplifier Brand Introduction

- May 18, 2020-

1. Convergent Audio Technology USA

Convergent Audio Technology SL-1 SIGNATURE. The attraction is that it can retain the glamorous and rich sound quality of the vacuum tube, while also providing the unique control power and low frequency of the crystal machine. STEREOPHILE, the leading American audio magazine, selected CAT SL-1 as the annual equipment of the year in 1993. One can imagine how powerful it is.


Since its launch, the CAT SL-1 bile duct preamplifier of American CAT can be regarded as one of the longest-life models in the history of HI-END audio. In 1985, when Ken Stevens, the founder of CAT, introduced this machine to the market, it caused a sensation in the audio industry. It was listed on the shelves of top equipment with many prominent brands in the US high-end audio market at that time. Since the launch of SL-1, excellent bile duct pre-amplifiers from various factories have emerged in an endless stream and are all in the lead. However, for more than ten years, SL-1 still has a place in the top pre-amplifier due to its super quality, and CAT has also established its reputation and status in the HI-END world through SL-1.


2. McIntosh wheat scene map United States

McIntosh "McKing Picture" Frank in 1949. Mai Jingtu (Frank H. McIntosh) and Gordon J. Gow (Golden J. Gow) were founded in New York, USA. At the beginning of the establishment, Mr. Frank McIntosh used his knowledge of electroacoustics in the army. Knowledge and experience, engaged in far-reaching research work, and Gordon. Gao is focused on music research, so the audio equipment of "McJingtu" is known as "high-fidelity, stable and reliable".


For more than 40 years, Maijingtu Company can be said to be one of the few famous brands that always maintain its prominent image. This is the result of three decades of joint operations by Frank McKinto and Gordon Gao, and it still stands tall today. Since 1987, Gordon inherited the company's president and continued to carry forward this tradition, making the company's great image invincible. Even in the modern era, the power amplifiers of Maijingtu still have their unique high efficiency and low distortion "uniform coupling circuit", which prevents other manufacturers from looking at it. In the 1960s, many amplifiers switched to semiconductor components, and McKinto was the only amplifier manufacturer that retained output transformers. Although many people at that time severely criticized Mai Jingtu ’s outdated technology and too old-fashioned design, the company accepted it and explained it one by one to explain the superiority of the speaker interface of the modern transformer. It is safer for both the speaker and the amplifier. , And can make the two work more stable, and the comprehensive value of sound quality and commerciality is very high, so the company has indicated that it will not give up this line. In addition, with regard to the rigid distortion of semiconductor products, Mai Jingtu developed a "power protection circuit" to solve this problem, and proved that the transistor is not worse than the vacuum tube.


Gordon is not only a technical worker, but also a well-known person in the international academic community, who believes in the authority of "semantics". He once had a famous saying [sound equipment must provoke users' feelings about music] Mai Jingtu ’s amplifiers are usually equipped with red, green and blue illuminated black glass panels and rich sound, which is a symbol of this philosophical sentence Famous quote. On June 25, 1999, Gordon died of a heart attack. However, his spirit is still circulated in Maijingtu products.

3. Cary, United States

Cary is a famous American manufacturer of tube sound, and is known as a leader in tube manufacturing. The various amplifiers manufactured by it are full of classic artistic sense, and the sound has a rich musical taste, which is very similar to the charming sound of high-end instruments, and the price is not as terrible as expected. In particular, direct-heating low-power amplifiers are chased by feverish gluttons with unprecedented warm sound. Cary had been quiet in the market for a while. After the comeback , the charm continued to decrease. Recently, he has been involved in the development of digital products such as CDs and DVDs. The products have maintained a consistently high style.