There Is No Standard Sound, How To Choose Audio?

- Mar 12, 2020-

First: choose products according to budget.

Modern people first consider houses and cars when they are buying houses, then decoration, color televisions, refrigerators and other household appliances. Most people will consider the issue of sound when they finally have more money.

Then budget according to the surplus money, how much money to do as many things, as long as change some traditional ideas, it can be achieved easily. After reading this serial post, you will be more and more sober. The home stereo is not that mysterious.

In the Internet era, a lot of resources are ready-made, and you can add audio at a low cost, which is a big step to improve the quality of life. Although the function of listening to songs and watching movies can also be realized on computers and mobile phones, good audio equipments, whether HIFI or home theater, are completely different from the experience and feelings on mobile phones and computers. Especially in the economic recession, staying at home to watch movies or listen to music is the most economical and tasteful life, and also a kind of learning to live a life.

Second: Don't be superstitious about the price.

After all, audio is also a kind of commodity, and the price, function and effect are not directly related. If you just want to listen to songs and watch movies, you don't need too much money. You can have a good set of sound at the price of a mobile phone or a desk, it is definitely not the situation that you can't listen to what is said in some forums.

Of course, the choice is knowledgeable. It is possible to buy junk goods at a high price and buy babies at a low price. Therefore, it is necessary to learn and master some basic knowledge. First, understand the principle, it is easy to choose.

Third: Don't be superstitious about brands.

Brands can increase the credibility of a product, but not completely superstitious.

TVs or other home appliances can be compared with specific parameters and standards. There are not many brands and small price differences, so it is easy to choose.

But the audio is very special, each brand's product positioning is different, the professional level is not the same, although some brands sound like thunder, but the audio may not be good. Each brand has many different categories of products, and there are various styles and models under each category, and inexperienced people simply cannot distinguish the rules.

In addition, the audio system is a system, often need to find the most suitable products to match in different brands, the final effect mainly depends on the level of matching, not just the brand.

Fourth: Don't be misled by online speech.

There is no more complicated industry than audio. There are more people expressing opinions, fewer people buying things, and no one is convinced. The internet has turned the sky, making people confused and mysterious.

Do so many people have stereos at home? And every day is tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of systems! One thing is for sure, no matter where you see the article or post, the person who wrote the article or post is not necessarily a real user, nor is it an enthusiast, and some even have no ordinary audio equipment.

Even a real user, his words are not necessarily credible, personal comprehension ability and level must be considered, and personal factors are not excluded. Others are mostly business practices.

Fifth: Find a trustworthy business or individual as your staff.

The editor thinks that the so-called co-negotiation and planning is relatively easier than hard work.

Negotiation itself is a process of learning and understanding, not only to understand the knowledge, but also to know whether the business or individual serving you is professional and trustworthy. If you know more, you will have a clear understanding of all kinds of remarks; you should know who you should trust and who you should not trust. Don't worry about anything as long as the money is in your pocket

Sixth: You can buy the whole package.

If it is a new house decoration, you can combine decoration, TV, and TV cabinet to make the overall budget, so that the allocation of funds is more reasonable and the overall effect is better.