The Role Of The Megaphones

- Jul 17, 2020-

Megaphone is an electric bai sub-device. The main function of du is to reduce the diffusion of sound and amplify the input sound, so that the sound can be transmitted farther. dao

The megaphone is mainly composed of iron, paper, magnet and copper wire. The working principle is that the audio frequency AC signal of the coil interacts with the magnet electromagnetically to oscillate the surrounding air to make a sound. The loudspeaker can be divided into wired megaphone and wireless megaphone.

Wired megaphones are mainly used for small meetings, field trips, tour guides, product promotion, auctions, etc., and are divided into two categories: waist-mounted megaphones and handle-type megaphones. The most basic characteristic of a wireless megaphone is the wireless transmission mode of the sound signal. The sound signal is only transmitted through the medium of air through the carrier wave. The process of being received by the receiving end is called the wireless transmission of the wireless microphone.

Amplifier use and maintenance:

1. The microphone of the loudspeaker is a relatively fragile part and one of the most easily damaged parts in the loudspeaker. The microphone audio cable interface is often used. Pay more attention when plugging and unplugging the microphone cable. Do not use excessive force. Can reduce the problem of microphone audio cable interface damage and poor contact.

2. Protect the microphone cable When using the microphone, do not pull the microphone cable forcibly, especially the interface part, it is easy to be damaged. When using the microphone, pay attention to the range of action.

3. The amplifier should be stored in a moisture-proof and moisture-proof manner. The amplifier is a small electrical product. If the humidity of the circuit board is too high, it will easily cause oxidation, resulting in poor contact and various problems of the amplifier. Keep in a dry place.