The Loudspeaker Principle

- Feb 18, 2020-

A loudspeaker, also known as a loudspeaker, is a very common electro-acoustic transducer, which can be seen in the electronic circuit of sound. Definition of horn There are many kinds of speakers and the prices vary greatly. Audio power causes its paper basin or diaphragm to vibrate the air around it by means of electromagnetic, piezoelectric, or electrostatic effects. According to the energy conversion mechanism and structure of the moving coil (electric), capacitor (electrostatic), piezoelectric (crystal or ceramic), electromagnetic (pressure spring), electric ion and pneumatic horn, electric horn has good electro-acoustic performance, solid structure, low cost advantages, widely used; According to the sound radiation material, the paper basin type, number cylinder type, diaphragm type; According to the shape of paper basin, circular, oval, double paper basin and rubber folding ring; By working frequency cent bass, medium tone, treble, some still cent recorder special, television special, common with hi-fi horn; According to the voice coil impedance, there are low impedance and high impedance. According to the effect of direct radiation and environmental sound, etc. How the horn works Different speakers work differently; The most common and typical one is the paper basin horn, also known as the moving coil horn, which consists of three parts: Vibration system, including cone paper basin, voice coil and centering support; (2) magnetic circuit system, including permanent magnet, magnetic plate and field core column; (3) auxiliary system, including the basin frame, terminal board, holder and dust cover, etc. When audio current passes through the voice coil in the magnetic field, a magnetic field that varies with the audio current is generated. This magnetic field interacts with the magnetic field of the permanent magnet to make the voice coil vibrate along the axial direction. Due to the speaker's simple structure, rich bass, soft sound quality and wide frequency band, but the efficiency is low.