The Difference Between Headphones, Speakers And Car Audio

- Aug 24, 2020-

To quote a point:

Speakers are the highest-level playback equipment among all equipment, and it doesn't matter what "each has its own characteristics".

In addition to the size of the speaker, no one is weaker than headphones and earplugs.

But most of the time, headphones are more effective

Simple comparison based on several characteristics

1. Power

Because the earphone and the human ear can generate sound pressure in the small space formed by it, low power (0.1w) can get high sound pressure

High-quality speakers and car audio often require hundreds of watts of power

2. Efficiency

The electroacoustic transducer can be made of materials with good sound quality even if the efficiency is low

Car audio not only needs to consider sensitivity, but also needs to be used in extreme environments

For example, a certain brand of large voice coil speaker has a sensitivity of three db lower than normal, and the power output is twice as large at the same volume.

3. Environment

Not to be interfered by the external environment, use speakers to reproduce, need to consider the acoustic characteristics of the room, and headphones are only determined by the performance of the headphones

They all say that the car environment is not good, but I have another opinion. Now the intervention of DSP module has greatly attenuated the disadvantages of poor listening position in the car and unsatisfactory speaker installation position, and most of the noise in the car It's not unacceptable. As long as you are willing to spend your thoughts in an existing confined solitary space, it is really not difficult to increase the effect several times.

4. Price

Earphones are cheaper than speakers, but still get good playback sound quality

There is a big difference in vehicle cost, and a simple upgrade and replacement of the speaker will have the effect

To reach the fever level, not only the speakers need to be equipped with an amplifier, but also an independent bass unit

5. Sound pressure

Headphones will not affect others even when listening at high volume

Home audio sound will leak out to become noise

As long as the car audio is not played in the field, you can enjoy it as much as you want

A quote

PS: If someone tells you that headphones or earplugs perform better in details than speakers, then he must have never heard of good speakers.

The most obvious advantage of speakers over headphones is that they have a more complete, broad and realistic sound field, which can create a greater atmosphere and greater momentum. Another important point is that the earphones and earplugs are hung on the head, and the low-frequency part of the real sound requires the whole body to participate in the feeling. You can feel this when you cover your ears and listen to rock and roll. Your body is vibrating, so you won't be totally unconscious. And this kind of shock is definitely not felt on headphones and earplugs.

The earphone itself is a compromise for the loudspeaker to be too bulky and not portable.

Some people think that the details in the earphone are rich, but because the earphone is closer to the ear, the sound enters the ear without external interference. To put it bluntly, I still haven't heard the sound of a good speaker in a good environment.

Car audio is somewhat different from the home. A single excellent equipment cannot save a failed system. Many enthusiasts think that there will be a big change after changing a set of good speakers. In fact, it is not. The car is more particular. Matching combination.

The host power is not enough and needs an amplifier to drive the speaker

Most of the cabinet volume problems require an independent subwoofer

Limiting listening position requires DSP to process the signal

Of course, there is no high-quality installation and debugging. What needs to be equipped depends on which excellent audio brand manufacturers in the car are equipped.