Structure Of Wall Mounted Loudspeaker

- Nov 30, 2019-

1. Driver: it is equivalent to a heart of a flat speaker. The key point of the driver design is that its effective stroke is very small, generally no more than 2m / m2; secondly, the voice coil part should not be too heavy, otherwise the high frequency part will have more serious distortion. The design requires light weight, small volume and large magnetic force. Based on the above factors, we use high magnetic materials. Generally, the magnetic beam density should be more than 10000 Gauss to have better performance. Sometimes, in order to improve the output, two or four drivers are used to improve the output sound pressure, and multiple drivers are used to obtain better frequency response curve. As for the use of several drivers, it depends on the size and weight of the vibrating plate area. The use of high-tech intelligent exciter by touweig ensures the use safety of the product while ensuring the high-quality sound quality of the product.

2. Vibrating plate: like human vocal cords, it plays a decisive role in timbre, sound size and sound flatness, so it plays an important role next to the driver in the flat speaker.


3. Suspension system: the vibration principle of the flat speaker is totally different from that of the traditional speaker. Generally speaking, the traditional loudspeaker adopts the piston type vibration mode, while the vibration of the flat speaker adopts the random vibration mode, so its lowest resonance frequency is not only one point, but more than ten points, well-designed flat speaker, even more than twenty points. Moreover, its driving point is not in the positive center, because the positive center can not obtain the maximum sound pressure and the smoothest frequency response curve, but in the best position of the nodal vibration. In addition, four suspension points with a ratio of 1:9 constitute a reasonable suspension system.

4. Back plate: the design of the back shell must consider the opening on the back shell to increase the diffraction of sound waves, because the flat speaker is wave type vibration. The same back of it will produce the same sound pressure (only with different phase), so there must be a window to increase the sound radiation, so it will have better directivity and not be affected by different sound effects due to the different positions of the listeners. When designing the products, tuoweike fully takes this into account, which makes the sound quality in the leading position in the industry.