Speaker Usage Scenarios

- Sep 10, 2020-

The speakers selected for different usage scenarios are often very different, so you should choose according to your needs.

Living room & bedroom

Multimedia speakers

Multimedia speakers are actually the "speakers" we use most often, with various shapes and many brands, and they are also one of the more recommended types in this article.

Monitor speakers

Monitor speakers, this type of speakers can often have better "pitch", but not necessarily "good-sounding", more suitable for some acoustic workers

Whispering wall

From the name of the whispering wall, we can understand that the sound reflects the sound wave on the wall through the air, and then continuously reflects from the wall to form an echo effect. You can simply simulate DSP through an "echo wall" to achieve 7.1 .2 Dolby Atmos is of course only analog. This whispering gallery technology was invented by YAMAHA~

Floor speaker

Floor-standing speakers tend to have larger unit sizes, which can better express big dynamics and have a better experience of "symphony" and other types of music

Study room & bathroom

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are a combination of "Bluetooth technology" and "traditional speakers", allowing you to play your favorite audio wirelessly. These speakers are more used in some small space scenes to achieve easy listening.


Portable bluetooth speaker

The attributes of Party&Outdoor are special. Portable Bluetooth speakers often have the characteristics of "easy to carry", "sound enough", "functional dustproof and waterproof", etc., and also support multiple speakers of the same type (Speaker Add) for serial and co-play. It will also support some "cool special effects", everything is to add more fun to your "journey & party"