Speaker Brand

- Sep 07, 2020-


Many people’s first multimedia speakers in their homes are Edifiers, and have a high position in the field of installation. Most of the speakers’ pricing and quality are reliable and cost-effective.


China's very well-known old-brand speaker manufacturer, high quality and cost-effective


Innovative sound cards were very well-known in China in the early days, and many good audio products have been produced, and many multimedia audio-visual technologies have been accumulated. Most of their multimedia speakers are reasonably priced, and entry-level products are cost-effective and innovative.


Microlab's entry-level product M200 has been released to the "10th Anniversary" commemorative model, and it is still selling well. As a classic series of basic multimedia speakers, you can still choose



There are a lot of black techn, and everyone who has heard it understands the taste of Sony’s voice is unforgettable


The well-known Bose is first-rate, and its unique tuning style and the burst of energy from the cabinet impress many people.


Everyone should be familiar with JBL. As a well-known speaker manufacturer in the world, there are many and wide-ranging products, but the prices of their products are generally not low, but the quality is good. As for the value, it depends on the specific product.


The world's top audio-visual brand B&O (Bang & Olufsen), its audio products are mostly tuned in the "Nordic" style, which is very clear and beautiful. I like it very much.


The top British audio brand B&W B&W has a small number of products and few sold in the country. Its products often have unique designs & transparent sounds and have won many fans for them


The brand history is almost equal to the rock legendary history of the first guitar speaker brand Marshall. I believe rock fans should be familiar with it. Its speaker shape and design are highly recognizable, and the sound is good, of course, the price is not cheap.

Harman Kardon

Harman/Kardon (Harman/Kardon) is a department of Harman International Industries, focusing on home and car speakers related products (It is also worth mentioning that the well-known JBL is also a brand of Harman International Industries)


Denmark's top speaker brand, the sound quality is very good, but the price is not cheap


KEF originated in the United Kingdom, is a very creative company, has many patents and black technology