Practical Low-cost Home Theater Establishment

- Aug 06, 2020-

First of all, low price does not mean low quality. Because home theater is not a necessity of life, it is a toy in plain terms. You are rich, you can play in a formal way, of course you are rich, but your wife is not allowed to play too much. You have to save it too.

Low-cost gameplay 1, new life for second-hand equipment. Home theater equipment depreciates very quickly. Compared with HIFI equipment that may appreciate in value, the devaluation rate of AV equipment even exceeds that of automobiles. The depreciation rate is related to the replacement rate and life expectancy. For example, we separate the major items from the home theater. Players, whether they are disc players or hard disk players, have a very high depreciation rate. The reason is that the disc player has the lifespan of the bald head (the strange thing is that the CD player of the HIFI audio is very resistant to inflation), and the hard disk player has almost no value because of new products. But if you are buying second-hand, disc players are not recommended and second-hand hard disk players are recommended. Generally speaking, the second-hand price should be about half of the market price, saving half of it. Are you surprised if you are not happy?

AV power amplifiers, the advent of new formats immediately reduced the price of AV power amplifiers that only support the old format by half. If you don’t need to decode the new format, for example, if you don’t think the space is enough for panoramic sound, then HD7.1 is enough, you can at least save More than half of the investment. Of course there are trade-offs. For example, if you want a large screen, 3D still has to be supported.

Speakers, speakers are the most valuable in the entire system, because the development is extremely slow, at least if you install it, you don’t need to change it for more than ten years, but the price of the new box and the second-hand purchase is far away, and the second-hand purchase will basically not lose money. . Of course, there are not too many takers.

Projectors, projectors are the least recommended to buy second-hand projectors. Except for fast technology upgrades, new ones will fall quickly. Unless it is a fan who upgrades a model that is not too old, it is generally not recommended to buy second-hand projectors. Fans upgrade to 4K, and the price of the 3D projector on hand is about half the price. If you don’t consider 4K, you can take over. After all, home projectors are not moved around like commercial machines, and there are generally no other problems except lamp life.

In this way, the whole set of equipment saves half of the money, of course, there are gains and losses, you can not enjoy the latest technology. My suggestion is to combine the new with the old. The speakers can be second-hand, buy new amplifiers, new projectors, and second-hand hard disk players.

Low-cost gameplay 2, the ultimate low-cost, but need to toss. Looking at the entire theater system, in fact, what ordinary people have the ability to make by themselves is nothing more than the speaker part, and other things are basically impossible to complete. Do your own speakers, I just took this path. My speaker is a set of speakers made with reference to the BOSE treasure box. It is very small. I buy the original unit of BOSE Zhibao and the AM15 subwoofer from the second-hand market. The structure of the treasure box is 3D obtained through 3D scanning (Sony phones have this function) Cloud images are edited into entities on the computer, and the 3D printed boxes are assembled. Of course, there is a problem with Arcana, the treble extension is not enough. I added two tweeters to each Arcana box, hidden in the mask to form a coaxial. The appearance is basically the same as the original Zhibao, but the high pitch is better. Since the bass of the Arcana is handed over to the AM15 cannon, there is no shortage of low frequencies. The total system uses two cannons, one is the original AM15 cannon, the other is the 3rd generation AM15 cannon with BOSE dual voice coil bass DIY, which handles the front 3 channels separately (there are two left for the front sky channel). Processing 6 channels, there are still two left for the back sky channel, currently 7.1 system is still used. In this way, if you calculate it at 38 yuan for a supreme unit, plus 2 Panasonic tweeters per channel for 8 yuan, the actual speaker input and subwoofer are less than 3,000 yuan. But this set of things can't sell, the effect is really not worse than other people's 20,000 or 30,000 speakers. Both the clarity of the movie's dialogue and the dynamic sense of envelopment are very good. Of course, there is credit for the power amplifier Odyssey TX. Because the power amplifier has not been upgraded, the Tianlong AVR3311, which was purchased for 12 years, is still used. According to the current second-hand price, it is about 3,500 to 4,000, which was about 10,000 yuan at that time. The disc player Pioneer LX55 was around 2000 at that time. Of course, the whole set of equipment is not finished yet. The 3311 two bass channel output is not wasted. The other one is connected to a professional subwoofer amplifier (second-hand 800 yuan, professional equipment is very cheap in the second-hand market), promoting two elegant American bass vibrators, fixed in Under the sofa. The first test at that time was "Interstellar Crossing". The strong vibration of the spacecraft lifted off directly from the sofa. The sense of presence was very good. These effects can't be obtained even if you match hundreds of thousands of them. The specific gameplay is introduced in another article.

If according to this set of tossing, excluding the projector and the 170-inch large screen, the audio part is less than 10,000, so what is the high level of the price? As long as I was tossing enough, I saw the big tree in minutes and saw it down. Of course, not everyone can toss, here is only a gameplay, a way of thinking, not necessarily how much money you have on hand to get into the pit.