Playing Audio Equipment Is The Most Afraid Of Vibration, These 5 Kinds Of Audio Shock Absorption Methods Are Super Practical, And The Collection Is Good!

- May 27, 2020-

The most terrible thing about playing audio equipment is vibration. Most of the vibration is harmful, which will greatly affect the sound quality. Good shock absorption will not only make the sound bass sound, good control and resolution, but also make the sound field wider and more accurate. So how should the sound equipment be shocked? Let's take a look at 5 practical methods of shock absorption.

1. Use foot nails

Using the tip of the foot nail to touch the ground can minimize harmful vibration. It can be placed underthe equipment or speaker alone, or under the shockproof plate or shockproof frame. The use principle of the foot nail is to reduce the contact surface between the shell of the audio equipment and the carrier to a minimum, creating an acoustic high-impedance area and producing isolation. The resonance frequency of the nails of different materials is different, and the effect is also different. 

2. Use shock mount

The biggest advantage of the anti-vibration rack is that it is beautiful and sturdy. At the same time, it can be matched with foot nails. The trumpet rack is best made of wood, and then with foot nails.

3. Use shock-absorbing pads

A simple understanding of a shock pad is a hard wood board, usually made of marble slabs, thick glass plates, various metal plates, and special processes. It can stabilize the equipment, and at the same time support the equipment with the feet, or space the stacked equipment. Come to shock absorption. The materials of shock absorbing pads are various, including foam pads, rubber pads, plastic pads, fluff pads, etc. The shock absorbing pads of different materials have different frequencies and rates of vibration transmission, and should be selected to absorb the main interference frequency band At the same time, it can absorb ultra-low frequencies below 10Hz to improve the clarity of the sound. Shock-absorbing pads are mainly suitable for LP turntables and CD players.

4. Use the pyramid

Pyramid is generally placed on the bottom of audio equipment, the placement is different, the effect is different, because the vibration amplitude of each point on the material is different. Usually three pyramids are used, placed in a triangle, and repeated attempts to find the best position. The effect of the pyramid on CD players, speakers and power amplifiers is very significant.

5. Joint use of pyramid and shock-absorbing pad

Pyramid and shock-absorbing pads are used at the same time, and they can play their strengths. The hard pyramid allows the vibration to be effectively transmitted. When the vibration is transmitted to the shock-absorbing pad, due to the collision between the molecules of the high-damping interlayer material, the mechanical energy of the vibration is converted into heat energy, and the vibration energy will not be accumulated near the cone .