Nine Advices To Prevent You From Buying A Stereo Into The Pit, Be Honest!

- Apr 22, 2020-

One of the advices, you know what you want?

Buying stereo is nothing more than three types of people, one type is bought to put home decoration, whether it is to build a home theater or listen to a loud sound, find a big sign to play at home, guests can smell the force of entering the door, this No one in the class will be wrong;

The second category is people who want to listen to music. This category of people actually know a little or two about the sound. With a keen understanding, they can take a look here and there, and then buy it back to enjoy themselves;

The third type of people buy audio to give away, there are still many of these people, I met no less than ten people to ask me which speaker is high and suitable for giving.

In fact, no matter what you buy for speakers, you can basically sit in these three categories, but many people do n’t know why they buy audio. Maybe they want to watch a movie next to the TV and have a good sound quality. Maybe they match the computer. In short You have to know where your needs are.

The second advice is that there are not many speaker functions. If you have more, the cost is in it, and you do n’t have to use them. It ’s normal for multimedia speakers, monitors, and active devices on the market. If you know your needs , Whether you want to upgrade the sound quality or make it convenient?

Advice No. 3 If you are fortunate enough to listen to the song, please bring your favorite songs to listen to. The audition discs brought out by the manufacturer are not necessarily what you want to listen to. The staff will give you this song, and then you will feel the throbbing on the low frequency, and then you have the desire to buy, but in fact you prefer folk or rock, take it back and listen instead of that taste, this There is also tuning in it.

Advice No. 3 There is no one-step way to buy a stereo. If you want to reduce the fever in one step, it is impossible. Others tell you that it is impossible to reduce the fever in one step. Different speakers have different sound quality characteristics. I think this is the best, of course, it is likely to be high price) When you spend a lot of money, you will fall into a constant comparison.

Advice No. 4 The sound quality of the sound is closely related to the speaker and the design. For example, when it comes to coaxial speakers, it is KEF and Tianlang. But how do you choose next? Subdivided into your budget, with the budget, there is a cost-performance comparison, a sound comparison, and of course there is no way to answer both. Well, finally, you can only look at the design. The beauty of acoustics is that it is science-led A subject of art coaching, the design of speakers involves the material of the cabinet, the tightness, the size of the speakers, the design of the guide holes, and so on. In a word, the sound of a redesigned speaker brand will not disappoint you.

Advice No. 5 Do n’t overly pursue the size of the speaker, because the speaker is not just a separate product, it can also be used in combination, more professional placement, it is related to the size of the space you want to put and listening range, maybe You are just used to listening in the office on a computer desk. If the size of the speaker is too large, it will be a waste. Over-utilization will also affect your correct view of the sound quality. Others can hear the mountains and rivers, but you can only hear the babble. I think the sound is really a metaphysics ...

Advice No. 6 The classic model and the new model are not contradictory. Buying audio does not necessarily have to chase the new model or choose the old model. In terms of the KEG EGG, it is currently an explosive model, but it is not a new model, nor It is a classic model, because as a foreign brand, it takes time to enter China, and there will be marketing time after entering. You think it is a new model, but it is actually an old model.

Advice No. 7 If you want to learn audio knowledge, do n’t casually read all kinds of KOL ’s opinions online, and do n’t listen to various old burnt papers in the group. The best way is to talk to an audio engineer, followed by a real audio city Go shopping; the real sound technology is actually not available on the Internet. The KOL half-knowledge is shown to you. It seems reasonable to be a layman; many old burners in the group are very good at chatting. In fact, they have n’t heard much. The unverified theoretical knowledge says more people come true.

Eight of advices: Do n’t chat with people who discuss equipment all day. There are only two endings. The first ending is that you will keep buying and regretting; the second is that you will be in the bragging fun like them. What ’s the money, what ’s the amount of money that Minger listened to again? I ’ll ask you why you always add a price in front of you. Good placement is not good, the sound source is not good, the wire is not good, do you think it is the real level of listening?