New Generation HIFI Mode

- Apr 07, 2020-

Traditional HIFI, a CD player, a power amplifier, and a pair of passive speakers. On the surface, there seem to be only three variables, but regardless of the wire environment, just a general understanding of the sound changes of the combination of speakers and power amplifiers is enough for entry players. It's a headache, it's certainly fun, but it also scares the philharmonics who haven't started.

So, the new HIFI mode I want to recommend is "Digital Broadcast + Active Monitor Speakers". The key here is the active monitor speakers.

After more than 20 years in the industry, I have sold a lot of British sound and new British sound HIFI combinations. Many customers have become good friends for many years. However, they are all "fans" and even become high fever players (of course, the equipment has long been It has become more diverse). Ordinary people regard them as aliens, deviating from the original intention of listening to music. In fact, audiophiles spend a lot of time listening to music, but the proportion of tossing equipment is indeed higher. In this regard, the combination of speaker and power amplifier changes, I think it is the primary reason.

In modern HIFI equipment, the distortion rate of passive speakers is the highest (relative to CD, power amplifier), and the most personalized sound characteristics; in the home environment, the power of the power amplifier is no longer important (the power parameters of the most entry-level power amplifier are basically Are enough), but the subjective sense of sound in the sound can not be reflected from the objective parameters, and the combination of changes with various different speakers is really elusive for those with little experience. The types of active monitor speakers are becoming more and more abundant, which changes the pattern of HIFI.

If the monitor speakers such as the classic YAMAHA “white pot” of the last century are purely tools for making music, and it is really not suitable to listen to music at home, then the active monitor speakers represented by Zenith and Dana are enough to subvert everyone. impression. Originally, "monitoring" and "high-fidelity" are the same goal, but trapped in the limitations of previous electro-acoustic technology, making monitoring more instrumental, and HIFI will more prominent personality and style; since the new century, worship music production Given the market growth, fierce competition in the monitoring field, and the development of electro-acoustic technology, the entry-level Zenith, Dynah's near-field and midfield monitor speakers have made great progress in various indicators, and the subjective feelings are no longer cold. Tools, in the field of HIFI speakers, the HI-END sky-high price has also made great progress in unit diaphragm materials, cabinet structure, etc., but due to the small market size, the technology has moved down very slowly. Borrowing a technical article from Zenith official website: "As a monitor speaker that controls the key recording quality, when listening with very high-end home audio, it should be better than the home audio system in any aspect at the same volume. "Although this is a family statement, the subjective sense of listening is only a difference in style when listening to the 10,000 yuan level of Zhenli, Dynaudio active monitor speakers and the same level of power amplifier / passive speaker combinations, while listening to music is Perfectly fit.

This is a bit like an SUV. The original off-road vehicles with hard bridges and hard horses are now fully comfortable for urban use; or similar to pure electric vehicles, the performance is already good enough. They are not intended to replace traditional cars, but are provided to consumers more abundantly. s Choice.

The most convenient place for active is that users do not need to think about collocation, they can easily listen to music when they buy it and connect to the audio source. Consumers need to worry about choosing brands and models that suit their tastes. Active monitor speakers also have various trends and style differences, but in general it is easier to choose than passive. The active selection surface is also relatively narrow, as long as you do not choose the tool that is too strong, and the information on the Internet is not as dazed as traditional HIFI.

Digital broadcasting as a sound source to replace CD, except for the die-hard old burners will resist, basically everyone agrees, digital broadcasting + active monitor speakers this new generation of HIFI mode, I believe there will be more lovers to choose, discuss!