Is Quantum Mechanics Credible?

- Oct 06, 2020-

Be credible, there are a lot of real and vivid examples in our real life! There are many practical applications of quantum theory in the HiFi (high fidelity) field. (Of course, the quantum theory referred to here is by no means deceptive tricks such as quantum tuning stickers.) Sound conforms to the "uncertainty principle" in quantum mechanics. As the name implies, it is impossible to measure the sound with a test instrument! You must listen with your ears! No matter how bad the listening ability is, it is accurate because it is "unpredictable."

But some people may ask, why sometimes the results of blind listening experiments are so different from what many people claim to hear?

Because there is a quantum superposition state of sound! To understand this problem, one has to mention the very famous Schrodinger’s cat.

Quantum theory believes that if we do not open the lid and make observations, we will never know whether a cat is dead or alive. It will always be in a superposition state of both dead and alive, but this turns the microscopic uncertainty principle into a macroscopic uncertainty principle. , The objective laws are not shifted by human will, and the cat violates logical thinking both alive and dead. We must observe the cat to know whether it is dead or alive. Similarly, we must observe the logos of speakers, headphones, power amplifiers, amps, DACs, CDs, players, cables, etc., to understand the sound Confirm the status; otherwise, when the logo cannot be observed, the sound is uncertain, and the results of ABX blind listening with many equipment are naturally random. This also explains why many statements in the fever circle do not conform to the basic logic.

The latest research results also show that sound is also related to the theory of parallel universes.

There is a view that every time a blind listening is performed, a new parallel universe will split up. The result of blind listening is produced in the new universe, and the result may naturally be different from the original universe. This also explains the difference between blind listening and non-blind listening. However, as we all know, the energy of the universe is conserved. If too many parallel universes are split, it may cause the entire world to collapse. It will be the end of the world, and all universes will be destroyed. Therefore, in order to save all mankind, but also to save the entire universe, we must prohibit double-blind listening! Blind listening is prohibited, everyone is responsible! Save the world without delay! Finally, the latest research results show that dark matter and dark energy also play an important role in HiFi. For example, the "density" of sound is actually the dark energy present in sound, which cannot be observed by traditional test equipment. In short, the phenomenon of sound cannot be explained by traditional sciences such as acoustics and psychoacoustics. It must be explained by quantum theory. Moreover, the interpretation of quantum theory is perfect.