Introduction Of World-renowned Monitor Speaker Brands

- Mar 20, 2020-

I have summarized dozens of well-known speaker brands in the world, however, many brands have been AVized, and even HiFi is no longer counted. Among the remaining brands, hi-end, hifi and monitoring brands are not cited separately. So after reorganizing, I reorganized by pressing hi-end level, hifi level and monitoring level. Hope you like it.

It should be noted that because Xiaobian cares more about the brand's strength and sound than sales. It is for this reason that these brands are usually very small companies (in terms of sales).

The monitor speakers need to say a few more words. In recent years, some very common goods have also been labeled as monitors, and there are many recording studios in use. However, I feel that they are more convenient and convenient. Some low-end recording studios are fine for working, but they are really used to enjoy music. Is the normal perspective! Many people think that these speakers are "faithful restoration recordings". In fact, they are generally just restoration of some of them, and they ignore the more important places. Therefore, this article is mainly based on monitoring brands that can be used to enjoy music.

Ranking is not ranking, it is not strength. The comments only represent Xiaobian, a word from the family, welcome to discuss, do not welcome spray, thank you!


The world-famous ATC was established in London in 1974. At the beginning of its establishment, it only produced studio speakers and speaker units. Many famous record companies used them in recording studios. ATC speakers were used as monitoring equipment. The designer Bill Woodnmn has served as the chief engineer of Goodmans, and has also participated in the development and design of B & W 801 speakers, and developed a unique ATC unit with extraordinary ingenuity and perseverance. One of the world's two most famous and outstanding dome midrange units (commonly known as the "gimmick midrange") is the M560D from Tanner, and the other is ATC's SM75-150 midrange. Bill Woodman said confidently, "50 years later, when many other speakers have been forgotten, ATC speakers will continue to work perfectly."

The prototype of the SCM series speaker was completed in 1986. The first pair of products launched was the active SCM200 monitor speaker. The SCMl00A speaker launched in 1989 has become a classic of monitor speakers. Later, 100 and 50 were veneered and officially entered the home Hi-Fi market. People finally heard another type of low-frequency, fast, accurate, and rendering-free low-frequency, mellow and full-featured mid-range, and powerful dynamic scenes. However, what really made ATC famous in the fever circle should be the SCM20. After its launch in 1989, it participated in the first public appearance at the 1990 CES exhibition and attracted attention. It is known as the most standard and dynamic sound in the world today. Small speakers.

ATC speakers have always been one of my personal favorites. They are known for their powerful midrange, accurate timbre, and extremely real dynamics and layers. But ATC is really love and hate because it is really difficult to push! But once pushed, you can basically reduce the fever.

OCEAN WAY Great Ocean Road United States

OCEAN WAY "The Great Ocean Road" as a legendary world-class recording studio, has witnessed the birth of many famous musicians such as Rolling Stone, Duke of Ellington, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Diana Crowe, U2 and so on.

The principal and recording engineer, Allen Sides, designed and built three famous recording studios such as OCEAN WAY Hollywood, OCEAN WAY Nashville, and Sherman Oaks' Record One. The recording and mixing of the hottest 3D movie Avatar was completed at OCEAN WAY!

Allen Sides, who has started his career since the age of 13, has won several Grammy Awards! He is also a respected engineer and producer in the music industry. Produced more than 500 albums since 1968 as a recording engineer, such as Bonneret "Nick of Time", Natalie Cole "Unforgettable", Whitney Houston "I Will Always Love You" (The Body Guard), Quincy Jones' "Back on The Block", Michael Jackson's "Bad", "Dangerous", "History" albums, etc.

West Lake, United States

Established in 1971, it is a well-known audio in the hifi industry. The Westlake Audio (West Lake) in the United States has more than 30 years of history. It is a manufacturer with professional audio manufacturing technology. His earliest focus was only on the manufacture of studio monitor speakers and studio design, and then he slowly expanded his business into the professional fields of home Hi-Fi and Pro.

Westlake, which dominates the top recording studios in the United States, extends its desktop flagship monitor speakers to large floor-standing monitor speakers. And this million-dollar Tower SM-1 monitor speakers use a 5-way 6-unit design. Tower SM-1's box height reaches 1.9 meters and its weight reaches 442 kg! Represents the highest level of Westlake indoor speakers. In the original text of the introduction of the Tower SM-1, their conclusion is simple: "In the Hi-End audio world, no one's sound performance can exceed the Tower SM-1."