Installation And Debugging Skills Of Public Address System

- Oct 25, 2019-

The most arduous task of installing the broadcasting system is wiring. Before installation, first check the situation on site, and then combine the functional requirements of the whole broadcasting system, carefully analyze and determine the location of the machine room. After the location of the machine room is determined, design the wiring according to the functional requirements of the broadcasting system and the situation on site, whether it is open line or dark line.

Before wiring, measure both ends of the wire tray with a multimeter to check for short circuit or open circuit. Before installation, make sure that the new wire rod itself has no quality problems. When wiring, remember to use brute force to pull the wire. Although the current sheathed wires have internal cables, the sheaths are also very strong. But too much force will pull the wire. When threading, the operator and the guy should cooperate with each other, and the strength of the guy should be moderate to ensure even strength.

After the wiring is completed, enter the installation stage of the speaker, and install according to the site conditions and design requirements. After the sound is installed, the engineer needs to use a multimeter to measure its resistance value in the machine room, and check whether there is short circuit or open circuit. Generally, the resistance is not less than 10 ohms, and the circuit is basically normal. After the wiring is completed, the equipment shall be installed. According to the different conditions of the site and the different equipment used, the installation sequence of the equipment is also different. The power amplifier, power sequencer, upper installation, pre amplifier, automatic broadcast host and other sound source equipment shall be installed at the lowest layer of the cabinet. The specific wiring can be connected and installed according to the instructions of different manufacturers.

When the equipment is connected, the incoming line in and outgoing line out shall be distinguished. Generally, the sound source equipment is connected to the preamplifier, including the automatic broadcast host, and the preamplifier is connected to the power amplifier.

After installation, it is necessary to check whether the connection is correct. Please remember that tigers must check carefully when they nap. The power on operation can be started only after the connection is confirmed to be normal. When playing music, first observe whether the clip indicator of the power amplifier is always on. After the sound is amplified, the clip indicator flashes, normal. If it is found that the signal is not amplified, the clip indicator is always on, indicating that there is a short circuit, check and find out the problem in time and solve it. After troubleshooting, power on and test the sound size, clarity of sound quality, fullness and strength. Combined with the requirements of users, to achieve the best results.