In HiFi Speakers, There Are Hundreds, Thousands, And Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars. What's The Difference?

- Dec 14, 2020-

Speakers may be good or bad even if they are at the same price, and there may not be good quality speakers. Therefore, it cannot be completely measured by price, or it depends on the specific product itself. But be sure to forcefully summarize the difference between speakers in these price ranges, the most important thing is probably the bass. Dr. Sean Olive's research shows that bass accounts for about 30% of all sound quality and tone perception of speakers, which is the highest proportion of all subjective sub-items.

However, due to acoustic principles, cost and other restrictions and current market conditions, speakers with a few hundred bucks tend to have poor bass performance, or sound under 1,000 dollars. After all, a better subwoofer is more than a few hundred dollars. If you dig a little deeper, magnets are more expensive, and cast aluminum is more expensive. After all, you need real materials. The prerequisite for a good bass is heavy materials, and the speaker bass is not good material, no matter how good the design is, it is empty talk. If everything is calculated at cost, a better woofer can buy several HD800s. If it is a few thousand dollars speakers, you can buy 4367 speakers with very good 15-inch JBL dual voice coil speakers. You can never buy such a bass for at least a few hundred dollars. You can buy a double 15 for tens of thousands of dollars. Usually a speaker with a few hundred dollars and a speaker with a few thousand dollars extend at high frequencies, and the high-frequency sound quality is also different. Directivity control and sound field depend on the specific design.