How To Tell If You Can Hear The Difference Between Two Sounds(2)

- Oct 10, 2020-

If only one ABX test is conducted, random guessing has a 50% chance of choosing the correct answer, just like a coin flip. In order for the statement to have a certain degree of credibility, many trials must be performed. By increasing the number of trials, at a given confidence level, the possibility of statistically determining a person's ability to distinguish A from B will increase. The 95% confidence level is generally considered statistically significant. QSC recommends that at least 10 hearing tests be performed in each round of testing.

The result required for the 95% confidence level, that is, if you perform 10 tests, you should get at least 9 correct answers, and so on.

The results of 16 tests are generally considered more convincing. However, some people think that it can be done more times, and then the test results can be analyzed in groups, and the people participating in the test can be allowed to take adequate rest during the period.