How To Get Started With HiFi Sound Quality Music?

- Jan 26, 2021-

1 Regarding the sound source.

After a period of comparison, I found that the sound quality of the same audio source is more difficult to distinguish between 16bt 44khz 660k and higher, whether it is headphones or a box. So choose a good audio source, the format is above HD format. There is no need to go further, the 30m 16bt 44khz 990k wav and the 150m dsd64 are not carefully compared back and forth in one place, and the density difference is really not noticeable.

2 Regarding plugs, big ears, and wireless big ears.

Ie80 plugs in Nokia808 and listens to the live recording in ktv (recorded by 808). It is difficult to tell whether it is inside the earphone or the earphone is not worn outside. That is to say, if you restore to a device that is difficult for you to distinguish, the earphone and mobile phone will not exceed 5000 yuan. This is the price around 2012. It can now be said that this price has dropped significantly. The price of earplugs reaches around 500 and then there is almost no perceptible improvement in sound quality. The difference between 50 and 100 is obvious, and the difference between 100 and 200 is easier to hear, and then the difference gets smaller and smaller, and the sound quality is really not audible at about 500. Big ears are currently using akg712, just because they look good, little babies like warm colors, so they don’t reject them when they are on the bed. There is a difference between hd600 and dt880 250 ohms, and the quality can't make any difference. These big ears are all open, and the outside sound is not small, but the eardrums are the most comfortable. The sound quality at the same price is much better than the closed big ears. Closed big ears are much more comfortable than earplugs. The significance of wireless earphones is convenience. To say that the sound quality measured by an instrument is definitely not better than a large unit and a high-power plug-in big ear. However, general pop music and some hufi types or some dynamic types may be more interesting to close the bluetooth ears, which is the music flavor often referred to by big immortals. Therefore, the Bluetooth headset is not bad. The long-life headset of the large unit still reaches the HiFi level. It is definitely not the lack of Bluetooth sound quality that some big immortals say, and the convenience is simply invincible. Even Apple's Bluetooth can meet the standard, not to mention the ldac aptxhd that Android generally supports.

3 Regarding front-end equipment.

To be honest, I still can’t hear the difference in sound quality between the 9038pro and the dual 9018q2m, but the styles of ak4497 and ess9038 are really obvious. The legendary warm atmosphere (4497) and the legendary cold atmosphere (9038) will be tired if you listen to it for a long time. Feel the difference. But the single cycle comparison seems to be indistinguishable, so this may be the brain that makes up most of the difference. Decoding this thing, the chip is really not the most important. The headphone amplifier is a very interesting thing. The 500-piece portable decoding headphone amplifier and the 2000 decoding headphone amplifier desktop are not as different as the 2000 or 800 desktop headphone amplifier plus decoding. I have been entangled with a bunch of headphone power issues and impedance matching issues, and finally bought a bunch of things to compare, and finally I heard the conclusion that the person named Mai Wenxue was right. Want to spend more money? Sorry I am a science student. I believe in science, not metaphysics. Someone must have told you that the amp will change the sound field, imagery, dynamics, transients... In fact, these problems may not be the changes in the amp, and it is more related to the tuning of the decoding and the headset itself, I think. There is so much money and energy to go to the concert concert.