How To Distinguish The Quality Of Speakers Easily, Quickly And Effectively

- Aug 17, 2020-

First look at the appearance:

Throughout the world's major audio brands, there are many different appearances, how to distinguish between good and bad? It is simple, but also very complicated. First of all, the fine speakers are handled very well in the details, and there are no rough burrs, traces of the corners of the leather, etc., the painted surface will be treated very smoothly, the painted surface is smooth as a mirror, and the reflected image is clear without distortion. There are many problems with inferior speakers. The details are not handled very well, and even more tricky can be seen in the phase hole.

Second tone balance:

A good sound system should have a good tonal balance, neither exaggerated nor depressing. You can use some albums or movie clips to test the sound well and pay attention to its tonal balance.

The third full-range sound effect:

A good audio system should be able to cover all or most of the sound frequencies, and even extreme sound frequencies can be achieved without distortion. In order to test the bass effect of the sound, you can try playing some bass drums, brass pipes or string pieces to hear whether the sound is clear and powerful, and at the same time carefully listen to whether the sound of those bass instruments is clear and discernible; to test the sound For high-frequency performance, it is necessary to play some fragments of violin, piccolo and percussion instruments with high-frequency sound. Listen carefully to see if the texture of the sound is clear and smooth when playing high-frequency sound. Pay special attention to high-frequency homophony and overtone.

Fourth bass effect:

The bass effect of the speaker can be said to be a very important part of the overall sound quality. It is directly related to the fullness of the sound effect. The performance requirements for the speaker using the woofer, so we also conducted the following tests. Put a glass of water next to the speaker. A speaker with a good bass effect can cause the water cup to vibrate, and the water in the cup also ripples. The better the bass effect, the more obvious the effect and the longer the time.

The fifth midrange effect:

For most speaker products, it is difficult to distinguish the sound quality of the midrange. And his main function is to produce a sense of reality, the midrange part of the test is to watch multi-channel movies.

The sixth treble part:

The treble effects of speakers are generally very intuitive, such as singing and some special electronic sound effects, and even some extreme sounds beyond the hearing range.