How To Buy A Bluetooth Speaker?

- Feb 25, 2020-

How with the popularization of mobile devices, we face screens longer and longer every day, but whether it ’s a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, the sound quality of external speakers is relatively poor, especially when using a mobile phone, it also consumes electricity, The Bluetooth speaker is small and portable, and wireless transmission can solve this problem very well.

When choosing a Bluetooth speaker, we need to pay attention to (1) the battery life of the speaker. The battery life of the speaker is the same as that of the mobile phone, of course, the longer the better. Generally, under other circumstances, the battery capacity is proportional to the use time. The larger the power capacity, the stronger the endurance. (2) Bluetooth version: Try to choose a speaker with a higher Bluetooth version. The higher the Bluetooth version, the more power-saving the Bluetooth speaker, the longer the effective distance, and the stronger the Bluetooth compatibility. Earlier versions of Bluetooth may not guarantee good battery life and signal transmission. (3) Sound quality: The best way is to listen to the sound of the speakers. Objectively speaking, the sound quality of Bluetooth speakers cannot be competed with large speakers due to physical limitations. But for the vast majority of users who are not golden ears, the use of small speakers with tablets and mobile phones is sufficient for hearing needs. We need to pay attention to several points during the audition. First, whether the loudness of the speaker is loud enough; second, whether there is a break in the treble at the maximum volume; the most commonly used to listen to popular music and watch movies is the middle and high frequency part of the speaker. Whether the resolution is high enough (clear and delicate), and whether the sound is overdone; in the end, do n’t be too harsh. Too low will cause the human voice to tremble, and you can meet your basic expectations. (4) Portability and versatility, that is, how big the volume and weight of the speaker is, if it is used outdoors, waterproof and drop resistance is very important. It is inevitable that it will rain or fall when playing outdoors. The waterproof level depends on the IPX level of the product. The higher the level, the better the protection. (5) Other speaker functions, such as NFC function, NFC is a fast connection mode habit of Bluetooth. We all know that Bluetooth is cumbersome when pairing with a mobile phone. If you use NFC for pairing, you do not need to search, select, and enter a password Program, just touch the NFC area on the phone and the speaker to complete the pairing, which is very convenient.