HiFi Earphone Speakers/acoustics Common Misunderstandings

- Mar 08, 2021-

"A recording studio is an anechoic room"

This is a very common misunderstanding, especially for some people in the recording industry who think that the rooms with certain acoustic treatment such as recording studios/mixing rooms they usually use are anechoic rooms. But in fact, although the common recording studio has acoustic treatment, it only partially absorbs and diffuses the reflected sound, or just treats some reflected sound that is not conducive to the working position, especially the part of the early reflected sound that may cause sound staining.

However, in a real anechoic room, sound-absorbing materials are placed anywhere in the room, and any reflected sound is minimized to simulate the free field (if it is a semi-anechoic room, there are sound-absorbing materials on 5 sides). Moreover, the actual sound absorption coefficient and effect of the sound-absorbing materials used in the anechoic room, such as the common wedge, are also different from those used in the recording studio or listening room. And even in a fully anechoic room, there is a low-frequency cutoff frequency.

Therefore, there is still a certain amount of reflected sound in common recording studios, and there is also a certain amount of late reflection sound that is reverberation. Therefore, there is no playback type similar to the reflection of the speaker system in the playback process of headphones, and even the restoration of reverberation is incomplete.

"People have two ears, so the stereo is more HiFi"

This is basically a kind of false statement that can be seen everywhere.

Humans have two ears, so only one person can sing in a band + a total of two sound sources for an instrument to listen to? People have two eyes, so two screens are needed to watch TV? Only two people can play in the game? Humans have ten fingers, so the phone should have ten buttons?

This is actually something irrelevant.

In fact, if you want to play back a band consisting of 1 singer + 4 instruments, it is better to use 5 speakers, each speaker is placed at the position and height of the corresponding instrument and musician, and 5 sound sources can be simulated to get Better sound field effect.

In addition, the high-quality multi-channel system has the real sound image brought by the center channel, and the sky channel effectively restores the sound source and reflected sound in the three-dimensional space. Although the stereo sound system can achieve the sound image close to the real sound image through recording and speaker positioning, the sound image drift, sound image positioning change, and sound image focus caused by the dynamic factors of the human head are the congenital defects of the stereo speaker system. In other words, it is difficult to make up. The center speaker can effectively and better restore the human voice and image, with accurate positioning and no drift in sound.

As for the sky channel, the restoration of the three-dimensional sound field of medium and large buildings such as concert halls and theaters can be achieved through algorithms or pre-mixing. Compared with a stereo system, it is a dimensionality reduction blow.

As for the timbre, if other conditions are determined, as long as the speakers of the multi-channel system and the stereo are the same, the timbre is roughly the same. Many enthusiasts think that the sound quality of a home theater system in a multi-channel system is not as good as HiFi. In many cases, it is because two sets of HiFi speaker systems at the same price are compared with a home theater system. In layman's terms, if you compare 20,000 pairs of HiFi speakers with a set of 70 to 100,000 sets of multi-channel speakers, there will be no idea that the sound quality of a multi-channel system is not HiFi.

To put it more vividly, if you bought a Jie Shi home theater for 50,000 yuan, you may feel that the sound quality is not as good as the JBL 4367 that you also bought for more than 50,000 yuan. But if you use 7 4367s to make a set of 7 in 7.2.4 of the home theater (not considering other factors such as power amplifier sound source), then you will not feel that the sound quality of these 7 4367s is not as good as your original two 4367s, because they They are all exactly the same 4367. . .