Fever Dialect: Does The Speaker Really Kill The Earphone, Does The Big Earphone Really Kill The Earplug?

- Apr 15, 2020-

I saw a forum comment today, "Playing with a circle of earplugs, I think that more than 1000 earplugs are meaningless. You will know if you play with big ears, big earphones kill any plugs, and then find the plugs burnt." There was another comment later, "Do you find that the headphones are burnt when you play the audio?"

Many people think that the natural and spacious listening sense of audio can't be compared with any headphones, and the natural listening sense of large earphones and the blocked listening sense of plugs can't be compared. This conclusion is relatively narrow, but it ignores too many elements in the listening process. This is actually a dialectical issue.

The first is the listening environment

The natural and smooth hearing of the box is indeed much more real than the headphones. After all, the diaphragm directly propagates to your ears in the air and is closer to the diaphragm than your ears. The active "listening" to the headphones is natural, but slightly touching When you look at the box, you know that the speaker's requirements for the listening environment are much higher than the headphones.

Regardless of listening to that kind of high-end system, you are just working on a set of desktop speakers for PC. It is very difficult to achieve an ideal effect. First of all, the size of your room will limit the use of your equipment. Suppose I have a small room of 10 square meters. A box of more than 5 inches is very unsuitable. One is that a small room cannot play its performance. Just know it by a little test. , 6-inch speakers, the effect of amplifying the hall, and the effect of putting the bedroom, is simply two boxes.

Then there is the positioning. The effect of the positioning on the speakers is so great that if you do n’t have a fever, you can hear a huge difference.

A set of desktop speakers can be placed open, but not open, the sound is much worse, the angle of the display, whether there is a shelf, the impact is great. A slightly larger speaker (3-4 inch desktop box), placed directly on the desktop, the bass will resonate with the desktop, the bass will be significantly distorted, and the hearing is very poor, so you need a small desktop rack, your desktop You must leave room for your speakers, otherwise you wo n’t get good results, and you ’ll feel bad.

But also not to mention high-end systems, acoustic decoration is also necessary. Without sound insulation, you will not be able to listen at night, affecting your family and neighbors, and the noise of the downtown will also affect your mood to listen to music, so I think some people with high fever I have a good heart, and I have a fever stereo. What you lack is not the money to buy a pair of good boxes, but the money to buy a house to enjoy music ... This is too real, as long as the sound quality is slightly pursued, the author thinks it can It is reflected in the real existence of this experience.

But headphones, it is much simpler to create a reasonable listening environment. Most headphones have sound insulation effect, especially the in-ear earplugs have a strong passive noise reduction effect. A set of sound system, the advantage is too obvious, you toss the time of the sound, the earphones can already calm down to enjoy the music. In this respect, the advantages of headphones and earphones are multiplied.

The children's shoes that wear headphones to enjoy the sound quality may burn the headphones and look down on the ears. It is the same reason. Can you wear a HD800S and be on the street? But people who wear IE800S can burst into hilarity without paying attention to people's sight or carrying a huge computer. They only need a portable player, laziness, and a mobile phone can enjoy music.

The second is the cost of driving the sound

The audio and headphones are different, and the unit is larger. To achieve high-quality playback, physically, the requirements for amplification equipment are higher than the cost of headphones. It is like you can smoothly drive an earbud with a mobile phone, but you use a poor The power amplifier is going to push a high-end box, and the sound is probably terrible. The effect of decoding and power amplifier on the sound of the speaker has increased by several times compared to the headset.