Features Of Wall-mounted Speakers

- Jan 10, 2020-

1.How to pronounce without a horn

Flat art speakers do not have a horn. They are pronounced by exciting the bending waves in the soundboard. They are 180 ° flat, which is different from the traditional 40 ° ~ 90 ° sound. Makes the harmonious and powerful sound everywhere in the listening space, "Emperor's seat" everywhere!

2. Sound quality effect

The sound quality has very high sensitivity, wide directivity, uniform sound field distribution, clearer sound quality, good transient response, and strong sense of depth. The sounding principle makes the audience sound "not close at ears, clear at a distance, and the sound is unknown." On the other hand, music is ubiquitous, achieving "no distance, all space" listening experience!

3.Strong practicality

Due to the use of the latest high-tech materials, the speaker screen has a strong light feeling, pleasing tones, light and heat-resistant, dust-proof, waterproof, intelligent, power-saving, environmental protection, space-saving and other features. The perfect combination of time and space allows you "Listening is a song, and seeing is a painting."

4, personality decoration

Buyers can freely choose the style and style of the product, such as calligraphy and painting, wedding photography, family pictures, etc., according to the decorative effect and space layout of the space they use! Due to the use of new technology, the product is ultra-thin (3cm). Picture and sound are one, which is a perfect match for home decoration!

5.Do not disturb neighbors

Because the DS flat panel art sound is 180 ° surround space, it can control the sound range, and its sound spreads in a curved wave and spreads, so as not to affect the neighbors!

6.Low power consumption

The product is specially designed and used for home, leisure, etc. Its driving part has low power and high speaker sensitivity, which can save 1/4 of electricity!