Do High-end HiFi Speakers Also Have Deliberate Tuning?

- Jun 01, 2020-

People often say to me: "I heard a B & W model and a JBL model, the sound is very different. But you see that the frequency response of the official publicity is flat, so the frequency response is useless, the curve is useless." Others often say to me: "Tianlang's voice is like this, Shiba's voice is like that, this is all deliberately tuned by the manufacturer, Hi-End sells is tuned, the parameters can't explain anything."

Answer the first question first, will different HiFi speakers be placed at home, will the sound be different? Yes, and it must be different. Sometimes it is quite different.

To answer the second question again, are the frequency response curves of different HiFi speakers tested flat or almost the same? Yes, high-end HiFi speakers are designed to restore music as much as possible. Straight frequency response is the most fundamental foundation.

Could it be that the magic power is unknown?

In fact, this is the case. Different speakers should have relatively straight frequency response within a certain distance in the axial direction. This is true. In fact, many high-end speakers have similar test results in the anechoic room. But why there is such a big difference, because the frequency response and phase distribution of different speaker systems in the non-axial direction, that is, the off-axis direction, are very different. This has led to different early reflections from different speakers even if the speaker position and pointing angle have not changed, even if the listening position has not changed, resulting in different sound staining and interference comb filtering. As a result, the sounds you hear are very different.

Different audiophiles' home decoration and listening positions vary widely in speaker placement and placement angles, so civil speakers generally do not consider specific off-axis frequency response control at the beginning of design, especially traditional passive speakers without DSP and there are Source speakers, usually manufacturers will not customize a speaker system for you. So sometimes the sound difference of different brands and models of speakers is obvious, but in many cases this is not deliberately done by manufacturers.