Components Of The Sound

- Sep 20, 2019-

Audio equipment probably includes power amplifiers, peripheral equipment (including limiters, effects, equalizers, exciters, etc.), speakers (speakers, speakers), mixers, sound sources (such as microphones, musical instruments, VCD, DVD) display equipment Wait a moment to add up a set. Among them, the speakers are sound output devices, speakers, subwoofers, etc. A speaker includes high, low, and medium speakers, three, but not necessarily three.

To understand the principle of speaker sound, we first need to understand how sound is transmitted. The propagation of sound requires a medium (vacuum cannot transmit sound); the sound relies on all gases, liquids, and solids as media to spread out. These substances that are used as media for transmission are called media. It's like water waves. When you throw a stone on a calm water surface, there is a wave on the water surface, which then spreads to the other side for 4 weeks. The sound wave is also formed like this. The frequency of sound waves is in the range of 20-20, 000 Hz, which can be heard by the human ear; below or above this range, the human ear cannot hear.

Water waves and sound waves travel in the same way. Through the propagation of media, human ears can hear sound.

Sound waves can propagate in gases, solids, and liquids