Classification Of Speakers

- Sep 15, 2019-

The classification of speakers has different angles and standards. They are divided according to the acoustic structure of the speakers. There are closed boxes, inverted boxes (also called low-frequency reflection boxes), passive radiator speakers, and transmission line speakers. For their respective characteristics, see details. Related question and answer. Inverter boxes are the mainstream of the current market; judging from the size and placement of the speakers, there are floor boxes and bookshelf boxes. The former is relatively large and is usually placed directly on the ground. Sometimes, shock-absorbing feet are also installed under the speakers. nail. The floor box has a large volume and is convenient to use larger and more woofer. Its low frequency is usually better, and the output sound pressure level is higher, and the power carrying capacity is strong. Therefore, it is suitable for large listening area or comprehensive requirements. For occasions.

The bookshelf box is small in size and usually placed on a tripod. It is characterized by flexible placement and does not take up space. However, due to the volume of the box and the size and number of woofers, its low frequency is usually not as good as the floor box, which carries power and output sound pressure. The level is also smaller, suitable for use in a smaller listening environment; divided according to the narrow bandwidth of the playback frequency, there are wide-band speakers and narrow-band speakers. Most speakers are designed to cover the widest possible frequency band. , Belongs to wideband speakers. The most common narrow-band speakers are the subwoofers (subwoofers) that have emerged with home theaters. They are only used to restore a low-frequency to a very low-frequency band; according to the built-in power amplifier, they can be divided into passive speakers and Active speakers, the former does not have a built-in amplifier and the latter has. Most home speakers are currently passive, but subwoofers are usually active.

Sound refers to sounds other than human language and music, including sounds of the natural environment, sounds of animals, sounds of machine tools, and various sounds made by human actions. The sound probably includes a set of amplifiers, peripheral equipment (including limiters, effects, equalizers, VCD, DVD, etc.), speakers (speakers, speakers), mixers, microphones, display devices, etc. Among them, speakers are sound output devices, speakers, subwoofers, and so on. A loudspeaker includes three types of speakers: high, low, and medium. There are three, but not necessarily three. The development history of technology can be divided into four stages: tube, transistor, integrated circuit, and field effect tube.