Can Audio Be Considered A Luxury Accessory? How To Correctly Understand The Sound

- Jun 02, 2020-

Audio products range from a few hundred to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and millions, just like bags and clothing, there are big goods, fine products, luxury goods and so on.

Audio products are more like watches, one is a timing tool and the other is a sound reinforcement tool. If you only need to use the function, it is very easy to implement. There are dozens or even dozens of electronic watches without using flowers, which are available on mobile phones. The same is true for audio. You can buy a Bluetooth audio for dozens of yuan, and you don’t even need it. Mobile phones, computers, and televisions can meet the needs of listening to music and watching movies.

Rolex knows that it is a luxury, and buys identity and status, and the timing function is second only. Editors in the high-definition era think that the audio industry is very strange. The impression is that the more expensive the better, tens of thousands of pieces seem to be unavailable. How could there be such an "entry level" concept? Getting started means that there is still a long way to go, and the road is still long. You don't need to bring a watch, you can buy a car for tens of thousands of dollars and you can travel. But the sound makes people love and hate. It can't be looked at cheaply. You can't afford it. Other people have thousands of lines. Isn't the sound of thousands of pieces the same as garbage?

Luxury goods are explained in Baidu Encyclopedia: Luxury goods are defined internationally as "a consumer product with unique, scarce, and rare characteristics beyond the range of people's survival and development needs, also known as non-life. Necessities. Generally, people think that luxury goods are those very expensive items, that is, items that most people cannot afford.

Summarize the consumption characteristics of luxury goods in one sentence: "Buy only the expensive ones but not the right ones". This means that more meaning is added to the original functional characteristics, or unnecessary costs are added, such as birth, lineage, brand added value, etc. The purpose is to make the product look worth the price.

Everyone knows that expensive watches or bags are “luxury goods”, but audio is confusing. Few people realize that audio is a luxury product, and only think it is not a necessity. At least, those audio products that are not aimed at ordinary consumers must be luxury goods.

People who do not like to buy luxury watches or bags usually do not talk about these things, nor do they want to hang out in these luxury stores. But the sound is different. Whether you have equipment or not, you can talk about it as long as you like it.

The biggest problem of audio is to put together common goods, popular goods, boutiques, fashion goods, luxury goods, etc., and editors in the high-definition era can talk about whether they are social virtues or traffickers. From this perspective, everyone in front of the audio equal.

On this issue, you can go to the website of Dr. Audio, you may understand. Doctor sound is a very good thing in the eyes of ordinary people, but not in the eyes of professional audio people. Dr. Audio clearly told consumers that they are selling luxury goods, comparable to Ferrari, selling lifestyle, and selling technology.

When I saw the doctor as a luxury product more than ten years ago, I thought it was right, but now many home audio products are often 100,000 or hundreds of thousands of products, but the price of the doctor feels very close to the people.

That being the case, can the editors of the high-definition era think that audio is not so expensive, just like watches and bags, if you only want function and quality, you can do it with little money.

The remaining doubt is "effect". This is the most confusing place. All the propaganda revolves around "effect" and never mentions the word "luxury". The author wrote this series of articles, the purpose of which is to demystify the sound step by step, so that people have a clear understanding.