After Listening To Headphones That Conform To The Harman Curve, Do You Think The Sound Is Good?

- Feb 02, 2021-

The importance of the frequency response curve, the value of EQ, the Harman curve, the earphone preference prediction model, etc. are all derived from a series of earphone experiments led by Harman Group. The evidence chain is complete and self-consistent. From the experiment of virtual earphones, it can be known that the earphone frequency response curve is a very important factor affecting the performance of sound quality, and another earphone can be simulated by EQ. The frequency response of an ideal headset should conform to HRTF (head related transfer function), and HRTF is highly personalized. Some methods of measuring HRTF require a microphone to be placed in the ear canal, which is somewhat invasive.

At present, even companies such as Harman, Apple, and Sony have not been able to apply accurate measurement of HRTF to consumer products. Fortunately, humans have broadly similar physiological characteristics, and the similarity is far greater than the difference. Through objective measurement + statistical subjective preference, a frequency response curve suitable for most people can be obtained. In this way, Harman obtains the famous Harman target curve. Divided into AE/OE and IE. By counting the average fr of some big ears and in-ears, comparing with the Harman curve, we can see that manufacturers seem to have the same goal by different means, and it can also be seen that the Harman curve is still very reliable.

Dr. Olive has repeatedly emphasized that the Harman curve is not suitable for everyone, but for about 64% of the population. Others like more or less low frequencies. He himself said that he likes to lower the bass of 2-2.5db. In summary, it is not surprising that some people do not like products designed with reference to the Harman curve. Compared with those who do not like to refer to the product of the Harman curve, more people like to refer to the product of the Harman curve. People who don’t like it still have EQ Dafa remedy. Moreover, next time you don’t touch the product that refers to the Harman curve, it’s better than trusting some of the old recommendations. After being smashed or blindly failed, I don’t know how to avoid the pit next time. too much. At the end of the article, I recommend a cost-effective product designed with reference to the Harman curve, the ns0 of Jie's home, which is light to wear and has a positive sound. I thought it was a pit, even if it was a pit, the pit is not deep, so I don’t touch products designed with reference to the Harman curve in the future.