About The Purchase Of Speakers

- Sep 02, 2020-

Three quarters have passed in 2020~

During this period of time, many friends asked me some questions. Some questions are quite general. I will select them and update them here one after another.

Q: Do I need to pay attention to the "frequency response curve, distortion curve, sound pressure, transient response, impedance, signal-to-noise ratio" and other parameters when selecting speakers?

A: If you just want to get a satisfactory auditory experience, it is the most effective and practical to listen to it directly. The parameters can only objectively reflect the quality of the speaker, which is of little significance for consumer speakers.

So these terms look very professional, but they are not very helpful to purchase, so you don’t need to care too much

Q: Do I have to buy big-name speakers when I choose speakers? (JBL, Tanner, B&O, etc.)

A: If you are buying a thousand-yuan speaker, then it would be more appropriate to choose Edifier, Hivi, etc. In this price range, these two brands are indeed very cost-effective, and the sound is also in line with the asking price. On the contrary, the entry-level international brands Product pricing and sound effects are a bit pitted

Q: 2.1 speakers are better than 2.0 speakers?

A: Certainly not. First of all, we know that the main difference between 2.1 speakers and 2.0 speakers is that 2.1 has more independent subwoofers. The subwoofer is separated out more to compromise on cost. In some consumer-level speakers, 2.1 The speakers can better enhance the atmosphere of some audio and video. In fact, the overall bass realized by a good 2.0 speaker is more overall, not just rumbling, but more suitable for listening to music.

Q: The more speaker generating units (commonly known as speakers), the better?

A: No! Don't blindly pursue multiple sound units!

Q: The greater the power, the better the sound effect?

A: The power and sound effects have no direct influence! You can simply understand that the greater the power, the louder the sound of the speaker~

Q: Can Bluetooth speakers have stereo?

A: Yes, some Bluetooth speakers use the "all-in-one 2.0" solution, with left and right channels, which can express stereo sound. Some products can support the formation of 2.0 channels by "serializing" two identical Bluetooth speakers. For example, sony xb-12 supports stereo

Q: What parameters do I need to see when buying a Bluetooth speaker?

A: Generally speaking, we look at the parameters "power", "channel", "endurance", "volume", "dustproof and waterproof" and other parameters. "Power" mainly depends on your application scenario. The parameter of opening Party may be a little higher to meet your expectations. Secondly, if the "channel" is mono, you will not be able to experience the fun of stereo, and you will suffer from the audiovisual scene. "Life", "Volume", "Dust and waterproof" "They are all functional and personal needs, so I won’t say more about this

Summary: I personally think that buying a consumer-grade speaker that suits you is actually very simple. Determine the usage scenario, budget, and appearance requirements to filter out most of the products, and then take a look at the evaluation on the market. A decision can be made. If you don’t know, you can comment or send a private message. Although I’m lazy, I still have time to reply~